The Party’s Over

My “birthday” weekend was a hit, and I was sorry to see it end. There is, however, one more event – Nat’s taking me to The Keg for supper tonight. Can’t beat that!

On Saturday our little home was going to be laden with 6 adults and 4 children for lunch, and we headed down the road in order to get stocked up with food and goodies the day before. We also decided to do the “lunch” thing and as a result we couldn’t shake the fact that it was only Friday and not Saturday. I even woke up Saturday thinking it was Sunday and I was all excited to watch Sunday Morning with a good cup of tea. Alas, I was a day early and had to get my act back into gear in order to get ready for the kids all coming over in a couple of hours for lunch – on Saturday. Thoroughly confused? Don’t sweat it – it’s not a big deal!

Once the kids all arrived and the table was set with rolls, kaisers, deli meats, salads, cheese, cookies and the like, they all dug in after an active morning of activites – baseball camp (Lucas) and cross-country running (Felicia). We had a great visit and my gift from Nat was the Wii game console, along with a gift card from the girls for another control or a game, whichever I chose. Yes, I just turned 60 years young, but it’s been proven the Wii crosses all age barriers, and Nat and I are looking forward to seeing how we do with the Wii Fit or Wii Sports games. It should be interesting and funny to say the least!!

After a fulfilling Saturday, and a good hockey game that evening, Nat and I were feeling pretty good and went to bed looking forward to the get together the following afternoon with my Sisters and their families.

Naturally, we were the first to arrive at Gail’s Sunday afternoon. We always are. Nat and I are both ones to leave home on time and as our lives aren’t as busy and exhausting as other families, we can be dressed and at the door ready to leave sometimes hours beforehand. There have been times when we’ve been dressed and ready to leave for an event at least a couple hours before, and I’m sure everyone will bring up that old saying that if you’re retired you can only handle one event or appointment a day. That’s not always true with Nat and I but I will confess that that’s the case more often than not!!!

Getting back to Gail’s! Nat and Daryl were outnumbered by women, (they’re getting use to that) but still managed to get a few words in edge-wise. The conversations were lively and funny and the cake Thamazine bought was scrumptious and delicious. Pictures were snapped of me and Nat and from our vantage point we felt like celebrities facing hordes of cameras – at least 6 of them.

As for my birthday gift, I pretty much knew what I was getting. It’s become a tradition ever since Claudia turned 50 that each sister get a diamond on their 50th or 60th birthdays. Claudia received a gorgeous diamond necklace and looks a million dollars when it twinkles around her neck. Gail received earrings and as Nat and I were in Florida we missed that big event, but from the pictures sent to us, those earrings were gorgeous. Bonnie received a ring which was just as twinkly and looked like it was made for her. I, on the other hand, was kind of thinking I’d be getting earrings – as I can’t wear necklaces (even though I wished I could, but feel like I’m choking) – but I also knew my sisters were looking at rings. And it was a ring I got!! Gorgeous to say the least, beautiful for sure. I look down on my hand wearing the ring now and again just to remind myself it’s real!! Along with a birthday phone call from little Brother, Clair, in the wilds of Northern Ontario, my birthday was complete.

Thank-you Gail, Bonna, Claudia, Clair, Michele and Thamazine – for the gift, and for a really nice day!!!


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