A Flake Here, A Flake There, Everywhere a Flake!

So! It’s been snowing all day today. Makes for a beautiful site especially when the cardinals come to the bird feeder or sit atop the fluffy snow-covered fence. Looking out the patio door to the back yard and seeing the cardinals on the fence and in the trees, with large white snow flakes drifting down over their bright red feathers, made for a picture postcard.

Having said that –  let’s get this winter over with shall we???? We’ve been getting so much snow down this way that the plows haven’t even been out yet – and that’s saying a lot for Fort Erie. The snow plows are usually out at the first sign of a flake, so you know this is serious. I’m thinking they’re going to make it worth their while this time around and wait for the Snow Gods to do their thing first.

With the frigid cold and the snowy conditions, Nat and I have been housebound for the past couple of days and we’re running out of ideas on how to wile away the hours. Oh, there’s lot we can do, but the mood has to strike you, too, and that’s not always the case. Yesterday and today, however, we made a couple of  exceptions and mustered up the courage to tackle a job or two that were sitting on the back burner waiting for our attention. Yesterday Nat decided to finish putting up the insulation in the little sump pump room and was unable to finish the job. I decided to take down the living room sheers with the intention of letting down the hem, run them through the washer and give them a good pressing. I, too, was unable to finish the job.

With Nat’s job, he was well on his way. He headed down to the hardware store and purchased some more vapour barrier (that tar paper stuff), cleared everything out of that room, dismantled the shelves and began to fix the vapour barrier that was already up. Much to his chagrin he discovered a couple of moist spots on the concrete underneath the tar paper. Thinking “here we go again” he stopped what he was doing and we began to call foundation repair guys. As luck would have it, from what we’ve been told, it doesn’t sound too major and we’re to keep an eye on things until Spring. So, there the mess sits. Stuff that was being stored in that little room is now gathered in a big heap outside the door, with shelves laying across the basement floor waiting to be re-hung. We’ll sit, we’ll wait, we’ll watch what happens! So much for Nat’s conscious effort to complete a project when it was a perfect day for doing so!!!

As for me!! For the longest time – ever since we moved into this place – the living room sheers have been driving me crazy. They were hung in haste for instant privacy and along with being all wrinkled, they were too damn short!!!! This morning I told myself this was going to be the day. I would take down the hem, give them a good wash (it’s been a year, afterall) and press out those wrinkles. How hard could it be? Well, much to my chagrin, taking down the hem was going to take longer than I anticipated. There were six panels to do, and I would then have to put some fusing tape on the small little hem that would remain afterward. No, I was NOT going to re-stitch each hem on each panel. I’ve discovered the wonders of fusing tape and that would be my salvation. However, as I began, I queried myself. Why am I doing this? Nat and I had decided to replace them when funds were available and when we could find exactly what we were looking for. This was, therefore, going to be a fruitless exercise. The sheers will probably end up in a garage sale one of these years. So I made the intelligent decision and stopped what I was doing. I instead ran them through the washer – afterall Nat was kind enough to take them down, so that’s the least I could. As a result they were washed, they were pressed and re-hung. End of story.

Rest of our day was spent with Nat clearing the driveway – getting a head start on what else may befall us – and I finished my jigsaw puzzle. Happy days!!!!

Nothing ventured – nothing gained. 


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