I’m Throwing Myself A Birthday!

Every year it gets harder and harder to have a family together. As the grandkids get older they tend to get more involved in school activities, sporting events, hanging out with their friends and even part-time jobs. So it’s with great organizing skills, a mega amount of phone calls and some jiggling,  that we finally arrange some sort of date when they’re able to stop by for either their Father’s birthday or mine. Nat is fortunate, his birthday is right after Christmas and the kids haven’t quite gotten back into their routines so it’s a little easier, but as time passes and they get settled back in, the scheduling problems begin. As does the fun, frustration and sometimes (quiet) disappointment when it looks like no one is available.

After Christmas and New Year the freezer somehow looks like a desert wasteland – it’s just plain empty and bare. We squeeze out just  enough goodies for Nat’s birthday and then the cupboard needs to be replenished. So, every January I begin to bake cookies, squares, bread and loaves for the ensuing months and for my birthday. I’m getting too old for an actual birthday cake, and sometimes it’s not a really good time of day for cake – well, at least in “their” opinion!!!! God, I’d have cake for breakfast!!! I’m also reassured there’s at least something to munch on for our evening tea, Nat’s lunch and any passersby that just happen to drop in. These past couple of  years I”ve been getting a little tired of baking for moi but that’s the price you pay when your husband can’t bake, the kids are too busy and somehow if you don’t take care of yourself, then no one else will. To each his own, baby!!

As a result I’ve been baking for me, and me alone. Oh, Nat will love whatever it is that’s in the freezer. The love of my life loves most things and is easy to please when it comes to sweets and treats! As the kids are coming in “shifts” this year, one group for lunch, one group afterward, I’ll put out a buffet of deli meats, kaisers and salads and they can munch away ’til their hearts content and go back for dessert afterward. Take something or nothing – the choice is there.

This year will also be different – I’m sticking a beautifully decorated, store-bought white cake with buttercream frosting (purchased by me, naturally) in the middle of the table for moi. I’m going to literally and physically have my cake and eat it too!! 


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