I’d Like To Lose My Head

Of late I’ve been feeling a little down. Perhaps it’s the long winter that has befallen us and the fact that we didn’t go South this year, or maybe I’ve just become house-bound with no real reason to venture out into that cold air with snow and slush all around. After all who likes to muck about in that kind of weather, especially when you’re in one of those moods where you want to be left alone, crawl under the covers and sleep for a thousand years.

Knowing something was up, dear hubby has been quietly hanging loose waiting for that moment when I would finally crack and let him know I’d had enough. That moment came last night and he was there and ready. Our minds met, our thoughts were one and it was settled. I needed a good bloody shopping trip to the Mall!!!!!

It was decided – we would drive into St. Catharines and walk about the Pen Centre to see what was new and different. As we hadn’t been there in some time we figured we were about due. There’s really not a whole lot of stores that we can shop in anymore, but we could still check out what use to be our old favourites and hopefully something new and exciting would pop up. As luck would have it, I had a “little” list of things I’ve been looking for – a list that is constantly being up-graded, down-graded and just sits in my purse waiting to be of assistance when the old brain gives out!

One of those items on the list was a pair of ear muffs. The ones I’ve had for over twenty years had finally given up the ghost – the furry cover had fallen off of one ear, the fur was starting to fly hither and yon and the muff was getting bald. I had an exact picture embedded on my brain of what I was looking for. I know I’ve seen them before and I was going for it. But alas, within every possible, conceivable store that would carry such an item – they were not to  be found. From front to back of that big mall, not one store sold ear muffs. Not even the sporting goods store that sold skis, ski boots, ski poles, gloves, scarves, head wraps and the like! Go figure!! We did, however, manage to ask one store clerk and being the nice girl that she was and after describing what I was looking for she steered us in the right direction – and it wasn’t at the Pen Centre. It was across town or down the road in Niagara Falls – and once she mentioned the name of the store a little bright light went off in the old brain and low and behold I suddenly remembered where I had seen these ear muffs before – Mark’s Work Wearhouse – duh!!!! Now being in good spirits, hubby and I stopped at a couple of stores to pick up a couple of items and have a bite to eat before leaving the Pen Centre and would head into the Niagara Falls store on our way home.

We arrived at Mark’s, we wandered around and around and around and around, but to no avail. We couldn’t find them. They were nowhere to be found. Maybe they were out of stock. Maybe this really wasn’t the store where I’d seen them. Maybe it was just a dream. OR maybe I’m just loosing my mind. After all my mind hasn’t exactly been too swift of late and has a tendency to meander and wander off to parts unknown! But wait!!! Did you ever think to ask a clerk??? Oh, “never mind” says hubby, “here they are” – right up front where we’ve been walking past them for about 20 times!!! Thank God, they were the right ones, they had lots in stock, they felt real good – and I do mean real good!!! I was in heaven. My ears are about to be born again with warmth and comfort and joy – oh the blessed warmth and comfort!!!

I made my purchase and with a smile on my face we headed out the door. But upon leaving the store I thought I would make one more stop at Staples Business Depot, after all it was right next door, I had my list and it would just take a sec! So in we went, I found what I wanted, we had a look around, I paid for my stuff and off we went down the road headed for home after an interesting day out, to say the least.

Upon arriving home, I have my usual routine – put my purchases down, take off the coat and boots, put my purse in the office (which contains the receipts), pick up my purchases and begin to unpack and put away whatever I bought. I then start to record all of our purchases into Quicken and as I was doing so I realized I didn’t have the receipt for Mark’s. The receipt and bag from the drug store were on hand, the receipt and bag for Staples was on hand, even the receipt for the windshield washer fluid Nat had bought earlier, was on hand. Where in hell was the Mark’s bag and receipt?

I asked Nat if he had it. No. I double checked the Van. Not there. We both checked around where I put down the other bags. Not there. It then dawned on me. I think I forgot to pick it up with my other bags when I was checking out at Staple’s. Where the hell is my head!!!!! What am I thinking at times!!!! I immediately called Staple’s and, yes, my bag was there. My muffs were safe – whew!!!!!!!! I said I would be right back to pick them up. But Nat would have none of it, he would make the trip back into Niagara Falls to pick up my beloved ear muffs that I had searched for so long! The guilt and stupidity fell over me, but with reassurance that I wasn’t the only one in the world who left things behind, Nat toddled back down the road and soon returned with that small tiny bag containing those precious ear muffs.

God, there are days when I would love to lose this head and just screw on a new one!!!!!


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