A Mish-Mash of Nothin’

Because of the cold, frigid temperatures these past few days, hubby and I have been laying low. Staying indoors otherwise. We had to venture out last night for No. 1 grandson’s birthday which was exciting as always. This is one hyped-up young boy and I’ve said it before, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for this kid!! He’s unwrapped at least 5 gifts within 3 minutes but at least is still appreciative of all that he receives and does hugs all around afterwards. For his great-grandmother and two grandmothers, his hugs are always welcomed!

Naturally, it was a nice get-together for the adults, while the two youngest (Lucas and Bridget) played with his new X-Box or Wii games he received for Christmas and his birthday. The two teenagers (Karly and Felicia) walk around the house with iPod earbuds hanging from the middle of their heads while texting on their phones. I can imagine they’re probably texting each other as they literally pass each other whilst walking around!!!! So the adults got caught up on what we’ve missed since Christmas and will do so again when we all gather for Karly’s 16th birthday in June, unless we see each other inbetween times. As I just typed that, it’s dawned on me that Karly will be 16 this year. My God, where has the time gone!!!!! Poor Mom and Dad, because if I know Karly she’s going to want her driver’s licence ASAP!!!

Paula is back on track with her cancer treatments. She was looking pretty grim at Christmas, but has since had a blood transfusion and along with a new drug therapy she seems to be perking back up to her usual spunky self. She’s a fighter and that’s a good thing!

After a good night’s rest we did the usual groceries and running around this morning and have decided to stay put tonight, despite the fact that there’s no hockey game on (at least a Maple Leaf’s game, that is!!). Poor Nat, it’s nights like these that I’m sure he dreads. I’ll put on a “chick flick”, of which I just happen to have a new one (“Sex and The City, the Movie”) and afterwards we’ll flip the channels until we’re blue in the face looking for something half decent to watch – that’s provided he stays awake during the movie! He so, so misses the hockey games on Saturday nights!

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