Have You Hugged Your Doctor Today?

Well, I have!!! Yesterday, in fact, at my annual checkup. My Nephrologist at St. Joeseph’s in Hamilton is really something and I love him to death. He’s young, intelligent, funny, witty, up-to-date, positive and cute, too boot!! Not everyone has such luck with doctors and I count myself lucky. I’ve had nothing but the best care from day one at St. Joe’s and despite the fact that they are all over-worked and under-staffed, each and every one of them takes the time to make you feel important and special.

I’m now in the tenth year with my new kidney and, with each passing year, my life just seems to get better. At every visit I’m given the latest information, any tweaks in my medication and am able to ask as many questions as I need. They also include Nat in order that he, too, be kept abreast of what’s going on – plus he’s my memory at times when it’s information overload.

This past visit was just plain fun. I’ve been feeling extra good of late because of such “tweaks” in certain meds and I knew this check-up would hold no surprises. Bringing the Doc up-to-date on how I’ve been doing, we had our usual chat and along with a laugh or too, I was good to go. We got to laughing quite a bit for some reason, so much in fact that the Doc joked I should come back next month to make him feel better. Having a positive attitude is the key to this whole transplant thing. I go in feeling “up” and I always come out feeling “up”.  The Doc then shook Nat’s hand and turned to me and gave me a big hug!!!  Now if that doesn’t make your day, then I don’t know what would!!


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