A Couple of Totes And You’re Good To Go!

Woke up this morning to ice covered trees, roads, driveways, birdfeeder and mailboxes. Each morning we ask ourselves “what’s up for today?” along with the next question “what do you want for supper?” The first question was answered as soon as we awoke – a no brainer, it was going to be a stay-put kind of day. The second question was soon forgotten as we proceeded with the day and got involved in household activities.

I put a coconut loaf in the oven for Nat in the morning while he read his newspaper and flyers. After our usual lunch in front of the telly watching a couple of favourite shows, we decided to hit the basement. Not literally mind you, as that would just be dumb at our ages!! Our time on this earth gets shorter by the day and why rush things, right??? But we did head downstairs to tackle and organize the Christmas decorations that we sort of left strewn about after we took them down. Since the boxes containing the decorations were beginning to deteriorate with age, and we had taken advantage of a really good sale on those big huge storage totes, we knew it was time to get organized.

The chore wasn’t as bad as we thought. We had been putting it off for several days – (1) because it’s cold in the basement; (2) it’s one of those jobs you don’t do on a nice day; and (3) we’ve been diagnosed with “Winteritis”. Sounds ominous, right? Well, it’s just called bloody laziness!!!

All of the decorations went into those two big totes with a wee bit of room to spare, along with giving us more space in that area of the basement. Now when the time comes and we decorate for Christmas 2009, we just grab the totes, bring them upstairs, decorate the tree and house, load the totes up with items being replaced by Christmas stuff, take the totes back downstairs and voila it’s done. Of course, we all know it’s never that easy. Something always gets changed during the year, a new decoration gets purchased or you decide to redecorate or move furniture and then your whole organizing scheme went to hell in a handbasket. You end up asking yourself at Christmas a year later -“Where did we put all of this stuff, it seemed to fit okay last year!” So you head down the road and buy a couple more totes and you’re good to go, again!!!

P.S. If anyone cares – supper was frozen fish with homemade fries. Yummm!!

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