Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Dear hubby had a second birthday yesterday. His actual birthday was Friday and as the kids weren’t coming over to celebrate until Sunday, we zipped into Niagara Falls to the Home Depot where he was able to cash in his gift cards for that big spankin’ new power saw he’s wanted for sometime. He was replacing a power saw that he’s had for over 40 years, so it was about time he upgraded. You could see the sparkle in his eyes when he picked up that box!!! This man doesn’t ask for much but he deserves much more than he asks for. The rest of Friday was spent baking banana bread for  Sunday’s get together while Birthday Boy unwrapped, set up and got acquainted with the new saw.

Saturday was spent in St. Catharines – figured we’d hit both cities in one weekend – and we made the most of it while we were there. I made an awkward attempt at helping Thamazine and Daryl get acquainted with their new iMac, but it looked like Daryl was well on his way to getting up to speed on his own. As soon as we walked in the door I could see Zach on the sofa (fighting a headache) with little sister, Zoe, in her bedroom (being punished for bugging Zach), and as I was saying hi to the two kids, I could hear Nat in the kitchen saying “Oh Wow” as he laid eyes on the big new 20″ shiny Apple iMac. Nat was right, “Oh Wow“. With the new Leopard operating system, this puppy was loaded with iLife, Time Machine, web cam, and all the other new doodads that any Mac fan is easily razzle dazzled with. I was green with envy and Nat could tell right away by the look on my face that I wanted an upgrade – and how!!!

We’ve had this little Mac Mini for four years now, still works like a charm but is slowing down a bit in its old age. With this old mushy brain I have a hard time remembering exactly what we had to go through to get it set up and how long it took us to adjust to the new Apple Operating System. Hopefully it won’t take them as long as it took us – they both have younger, fresher brain power!! I hope they’ll enjoy their Mac as much as we enjoy ours. No fuss, no muss, no worries!!

We left the Irwins’ to play with their new toy while the kids were quiet, and headed over to Best Buy where I managed to get my new toy for Christmas. I cashed in my gift cards and divvied up extra money for a new Nintendo DS. My first DS has finally bit the bullet – I’m recharging the batteries almost everyday and felt it was about time I upgraded to a new one. Being a fanatical Sudoku player, the DS gets a pretty good workout sometimes. As it was still a bit early yet to head across the street to our favourite fish & chip shop, we took a few minutes to head over to Chapters where I cashed in another gift card. I found a great book on Brian Linehan (one of my most favourite Canadian celebrities – this man could interview famous people like no other) and am enjoying it immensely. I’ll have to tell Michele about this book, even though I’m guessing she’s probably read his biography already. As I remember she likes him too!!

As noted, we then headed back over to New Smilin’ Fish Company for a great fish and chip supper and, being exhausted, we headed straight home. After all, it’s Saturday Night and we all know what that means!!!!  Hockey Night in Canada. While Nat watched the game I set up the table, made some oatmeal cookies and did the final prep work for the kids coming over Sunday. Long day, exhausted, hit the pillow, instantly asleep.

Sunday morning up earlier than usual, but had things to do. Finished off baking the cookies, set up the cold cuts, sliced the banana bread, made the salad, set out the cookies, squares, potato chips, cheese and condiments etc., sliced the kaisers and rolls, and Nat took down the Christmas Tree and vacuumed – whew!!! Sat down for 5 minutes and the kids arrived. Eight people for lunch, dear, do you think we’re ready??

Lunch was nice. Everyone remarked how cold cuts somehow get neglected in the winter months, along with a nice crunchy salad and it was a refreshing change from their usual. The grandkids mucked about downstairs while the big kids talked upstairs, and when ready, we hollered down that Papa Nat was about to open his gift and suddenly eight thunderous feet could be heard clamoring up the stairs (and they’re carpeted). The girls gave Nat one of his favourite sweatshirts from Mark’s Work Wearhouse along with another Home Depot gift card and his day was made!! Suddenly the time arrived and they were all at the door ready to take each child to whatever event they had going that afternoon – Karly to work, Felicia to cross country training, Lucas to a friend’s birthday party and Bridget – well, poor Bridget remarked she was the only one with nothing to do that afternoon. Knowing Bridget, however, it won’t take her long to find something to get into!!!

Papa Nat and Grandma Twila cleaned up the mess, sat down and  realized it was almost time to eat, again!!! Decided to wait until “tea time” and have that extra snack, or two!!!! Naturally, come day’s end we were exhausted and dear hubby nodded off in his big ‘ole chair come 8:00 pm. Happy Birthday, Dear – hope it was a good one!


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