I Have Hopes For 2009

Being the positive thinker that I am, 2009 is going to be a banner year. Well, at least the vibes are there. So far into the New Year – at least up to the third day – it’s been good. We stayed warm and cosy New Year’s Eve, watched the people freezing their butts off in Time Square and in Niagara Falls, had tea and snacks by the fire and then toddled off to bed.

New Years Day was also spent indoors and laying low. I baked banana bread in anticipation of the kids coming over Sunday for lunch to celebrate Nat’s birthday and then dismantled the Christmas decorations on the fireplace mantle. Nat suggested we finally take down the Christmas Tree on Saturday and that’s fine by me. The decorations are in disarray downstairs and I want the tree dismantled so we can get things back in order and the living room livable again.

We’ve taken advantage of some pretty good after-Christmas sales this morning (a couple of large totes for storing decorations, stocked up on my gingerale and found a good deal on Nat’s beloved ice cream) and then we’ll head into the big City for lunch and a visit to my sister and brother-in-law’s place to help them get their new iMac set up. God, I’m so jealous!!! Been wanting a new Mac for sometime, but the old greenbacks have been invested into this new old house this past year, and any new computer isn’t a top priority right now. The way I’m going Apple will have their new operating system announced by the time I’m ready. Oh well, it’ll be worth the wait, I’m sure!!

I’m thinking I’ll dismantle the Christmas Tree decorations while Nat watches the hockey game to night. This way I can get caught up on my podcasts and Nat can actually take down the tree Sunday morning while I set up lunch for the kids. Looking forward, naturally, to seeing the kids. Lucas had some bad news this past week – he’s got a fracture in his leg bone and is wearing a brace until the doctors can get more tests done and determine which way to proceed. He’s still able to pitch at his baseball camp but he’s now allowed to run, as that puts pressure on the shin area where the fracture is. I’m thinking this may slow the little guy down a bit!!!

As I mentioned above, we’re hoping for a more settling year. We’ve made huge strides in getting this old house stabilized – the new generator, the old Poplar tree chopped down, grading around the house, etc. Now we’ll work on getting that new shed for Nat and his yard supplies, along with a new sump pump and maybe then we can get started working on the inside of the house in 2010?? I always keep my fingers crossed just in case, but they’ve been getting a little sore of late – the financial tension this past year has been a killer!!! Again, keeping the good thoughts!!!


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