Blowin’ In The Wind

The little village of Ridgeway was blowin’ in the wind today – literally!! We’ve been having high winds blowing up to at least 70 mph at times along with sudden gusts that have damn near made the little umbrella tree out front look like an umbrella blowing down the street!! It’s making my wee hubby ever so nervous – not a big wind lover – and we’ve stayed put all day doing nothin’ at all. I did, however, manage to get the laundry done inbetween watching Sunday Morning and Nat finished off his usual crossword.

I have to admit, however, that some of my nervousness regarding the wind has dissipated now that the big Poplar tree has gone on to “Tree Heaven”. I’m not laying awake at night  wondering if something with a whole lot of humongous limbs is going to go clunk on the old noggin’ sometime in the middle of the night and take us to “Human Heaven”!!! Our only worry regarding trees now lies to the west of us and lines our neighbour’s backyard – but they’re skinny in comparison to the Poplar and even though we’ve already had one decide to trespass on our property over a year ago, they really don’t scare me as much. I will also admit that I look out the patio doors now and again in passing just to make sure each and every one of those little skinny suckers is still standing!!!

While we’re confessing, and in order to pass some of the time this afternoon, I played the nosy neighbour bit and watched as our neighbours across the street dismantled their Christmas tree. I could see them taking down the decorations, pack them away and then suddenly the “man of the house” picked that sucker up as if it were a twig! He’s a tall guy!!! And that was the name of that tune!! I guess Christmas is officially over!! Again – another admission – I’m ready to dismantle our tree and household decorations, but the hubby likes to draw this occasion out just a bit more than I!!! Being a “cleaner” and “neat freak” I want my house back in order. Let’s face it, the holidays are over, we really don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve – getting too set in our ways to leave the house at night, and why should I maintain a facade that no one else is going to see? Oh well, I love my husband and marriage is all about compromise, right??? (He hasn’t really noticed yet, I think, but I’ve already taken the decorations down in the dining room. He doesn’t walk through there much!!)



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