They’ve Moved the North Pole!

With last Friday’s major  snow storm we were lucky. We had preplanned and ventured into Niagara Falls on Thursday for groceries. We were well stocked up for what was about to befall us. And befall us it did. Just like the rest of the Province we got hit pretty bad. Good old Lake Erie truly showed us what she could spit up!!! Don’t mess with this old Lake, she may be eons old, but boy she still packs a punch!!!

Saturday morning Nat had to dig us out so we could venture back into Niagara Falls for our son-in-law’s birthday. The snow plows had been around and around and around our area so we were good to go once we got out of the driveway. We made it into town, had a good time seeing the grandkids (all of whom we were missing) and the big kids (that goes without saying), ate some brownies, watched as he ooed and awed at the gifts he always knows he’s getting and headed back home. (Yes, I wrote ‘brownies’ – our son-in-law loves his daughter’s brownies for his birthday and it’s becoming a tradition.)

Today, however, Nat and I swear we’ve been beamed to the North Pole by Scotty and his Star Trek crew, either that or the Earth has shifted and the North Pole is now in Ridgeway!! The winds have been howling, the snow has been blowing, the visibility has been nil and it’s bone-chilling cold. But apparently the sun is shining in St. Catharines!!!!!  Go figure!!!!

We were both settled in for the day working on our Sunday crosswords and, having just finished lunch we get a call from our good friends in the big City. The four of us want to try and get together before Christmas and so far Mother Nature has been deterring our plans. We decided, however, to give it our best shot and head out down the road. Afterall, the sun was shining there and God knows, we both could’ve used some sunshine – or any kind of colour besides white!!!!

Nat decided not to shovel, that we would just back the van out of the garage at top speed to jump the snow drifts. No problem!!! Good old GM vans!!! We were headed down the road and things were looking pretty iffy. The visibility was getting poor as we passed through the little villages of Stevensville and Snyder. The wind was howling across the corn fields, over the main road and causing us to wonder whatever happened to the one and only stop light in town??? Hmmmm!!! As we slowly drove closer and closer down through the main street, suddenly the light appeared and, being green, we continued to slip out of town as quietly as we slipped in.

Being able to make it to the round-about for the QEW and after looking down upon that big old highway – where’d it go????? Couldn’t see a thing, except some poor little red van that made a blurry picture as it passed under the bridge. It was as if your glasses were all fogged up. We knew we would be in deeper trouble if we continued on, so we had to bite the bullet, call our friends and cancel. We turned around, snuck back into Ridgeway, rejumped that snow drift blocking the garage door, put on our ‘snuggies’, turned on the golf game and dreamt we were in sunny California. Maybe we’ll make another attempt at the ‘summit to the Pole’ tomorrow!!!!!

North Pole Comes To Ridgeway
North Pole Comes To Ridgeway

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