I Missed Going to Orillia, But ….

Aunt Elva turned 95 today. We were suppose to go to a surprise birthday Tea being held in her honour, but Nat made some silly, god-awful mistakes of giving me the odd kiss now and again and because I’ve had a cold, voila, he caught it in no time at all. What were the odds, eh???? So as luck would have it and because dear Aunt Elva is in a Seniors’ home that kind of frowns on visitors with cold and flu symptoms, we were unable to attend the party. I was disappointed only because my father’s side of the family is dwindling down to one Uncle and two Aunts from the good old days of 4 Uncles, 4 Aunts and numerous cousins. There are now fewer and fewer chances of seeing them and our cousins – we all live so far apart from one another. It has now come down to get togethers at milestone birthdays, a possible reunion, and the inevitable funeral. Hell, even little brother lives in the wilds of Northern Ontario and we hardly see him anymore. Gonna have to shake some trees now and again to see if he’ll fall out!!!

I hope everyone had a great time and as I’m posting this I can only presume they are headed down the highway and home. Being close to a 3 hour drive I’m assuming they’ll stop for supper somewhere along the route – what with GPS systems mounted on each dashboard I’m sure someone will press that “Food” button to see what pops up on the old monitor!!!

While the party revelers were doing their thing, Nat and I stayed close to if not downright “in” home. We only ventured out to test drive our new little GPS system and headed over to the Picard Peanut Shop in Fonthill to get some nuts for Xmas Eve!! Get it?? Since the party’s at my place this year, I figured we should try something new and different for the nibbly table. We bought the usual roasted peanuts, but also managed to pick up some chocolate-covered cashews (yum, yum), some BBQ peanuts (Nat sampled the “Samples” and said they were delicious) and picked up one or two small packages of something for ourselves!! It was a rainy, drizzly day but we knew we had to jump ship just for an hour to air the cobwebs, and we had a good time to boot.

Despite the fact that we went to a Rural Route address which the GPS doesn’t recognize and there are some new on and off ramps on Highway 20 that haven’t been updated on the mapping system, it worked pretty good. It was a good chance for the two of us to see what it does, how it works and exactly what to expect. We were more than pleased. I’ll get Nat to be a “techy nerd” in no time!!

With our bag load of peanuts, we headed home and cooked a juicy, tender turkey breast, a new recipe of buttery crunchy roasted potatos with Nat’s infamous gravy for supper. It was just nice!!

I’ve also finished my Christmas wrapping, so I expect to have withdrawal symptoms in a week or two. I had one unboxed gift that couldn’t be wrapped so I made a big huge bow from some Scottish tartan ribbon and our granddaughter should be tickled with the gift (and hopefully, the bow!!).

No word yet from our tree trimmer, so hopefully he’ll call tomorrow and it’ll be Timbrrrrrrr on Tuesday!!!!

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