Ho, Ho, Ho – We’re Done!!

At last we received lists from the grandkids – with one it was like pulling teeth – but in the end we had something tangible in hand to take to the stores. So we circled our choices and headed into town. As I had a hair appointment first, Nat dropped me off and wandered down to Home Depot to have a look see just to kill an hour until I was done.

We then headed over to those “big box stores”, of which you need roller skates sometimes just to get  from one end to the other if you’re over 50. There was a time I could do those stores lickety, split, but I’m tired of fighting or struggling through crowded stores with a heavy winter coat on and sweating like crazy, along with listening to some rock band screaming its’ head off over the stereo system. Again, there was a time I would have “bopped” to the music, but I’m officially too old, would look really silly doing so, and have lost touch with whose who in the music industry – unless they play a little Billy Joel or Elton John – but we all know that ain’t gonna happen!!

With list in hand we managed to pick up and buy everything we needed, except for one grandchild, only because a little further research and price comparisons were called for. We were pleased with our day, had a nice light lunch together and made one more stop on our way home – for that further research I just mentioned. All in all a very successful day, despite the fact that my long-time hairdresser “took a little more off the top” than I had anticipated (because we get yakking), but what the hell, it’ll grow back, right!!!

On a whole other note – our tree trimmer finally called this afternoon to confirm that he’d be coming by on Monday or Tuesday to finally chop down that big poplar tree. It’s awfully nice of him to pick a week before Christmas just when the money well is running dry – but it needs doing and timing isn’t always in our favour!!  We have to take these things as they come our way!!

I also began my Christmas wrapping today. After a whole year of not wrapping any gifts (except for birthdays strewn throughout the year) I kind of get withdrawal, so I start wrapping as soon as I can. This is where I miss shopping for my sisters – a little less to wrap, but on the other hand, a little less expense.

I also found out today via email that Michele received her 20 year watch. Now that’s something I’m sure Mom and Dad would have been proud of and congratulations, Michele!!! I’m jealous, only because I started a job there and you’re making it complete – if you get my drift!! Here’s to your 30 years!!!!

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