Lost My Navigating Job!!

Can’t really post anything new and exciting ’cause there ain’t anything new and exciting!! We did, however, at least receive one out of four Christmas lists we’ve been waiting on from our grandkids. Bridget emailed us a list as long as my arm and she included everything, literally!! She’s got a kitten or a puppy listed, a pool table, an air hockey table, an iPod, digital camera, cell phone, games, DVDs and even a camera case (in case she gets the camera!). We had plenty to choose from and it made a big difference.  So we trotted down the road to Niagara Square Saturday afternoon to have a look around for a couple of the items listed. As luck would have it we ended up buying more than we went for – so what else is new????

We headed into Future Shop and as soon as we walked in the door there was a big floor display with Garmin GPS systems on special. Again, as luck would have it, Nat and I have been kind of  keeping our eyes open on the pretext that we might decide to get one sometime in the future.  I guess the future just arrived because we ended up getting one. The price was right, and this particular model had all of the features we were looking for. We really, really didn’t want to spend the money on ourselves this month, but we’ve been there before where something we were looking for goes on sale, we decide to wait awhile and next thing you know when the time comes that we have to have that item, we end up paying full price. So this time around we decided to once and for all take advantage of a good sale. And a good deal it was, we checked online and we really did save a fair bit of money.

Our Christmas morning came today. We had put the Garmin package under the tree (unwrapped) and being a cold, blustery and snowy day there was no where we wanted to go and decided to stay home and keep warm and cosy. Right after lunch I told Nat to rip, cut, tear away or smash the shrink wrap around the GPS unit and check it out. So, Nat sat quietly in his chair as he opened the box and began to play with his new toy. As I was in the office he had me register it and get our account set up, so he could continue to delve deeper and deeper into “satellite space” – you know, “where no man has gone before”, except this time we’re one of the late comers to GPS systems, so I’m thinking “satellite space” is getting a little full by now!!! What the hell, let others do the space walking, so they can come back and tell us what wonders to behold!!!

You could tell by the look on his face and the quiet contemplation while checking his new little friend out, that he was pleased with the ease of use, the styling and the contents. So now I’m thinking I’ve officially lost my  navigating job. And I was good at it too, but must admit that the little grey cells can’t retain maps, restaurants, hotels, etc. like the GPS can. However, you can play games with my memory and brain – mind games, that is!!!! Being a mere mortal I have to carry around maps of different Provinces and States, along with whatever books and pamphlets I can gather from the CAA., as I sit in the passenger seat enveloped in paper, eye glasses, sun glasses, a drink and a highlighter (just in case we need to “go back”)!!! 

I’m now willing to sit back, relax and enjoy any trip we may decide to go on and let the GPS do the work. I’ve earned it!!! Our trips to Florida, across Canada and even to the East Coast have all been successful because of my navigating skills. We’ve only been turned around once going through Spokane, Washington (in noon hour traffic) – and if you’ve ever been there you know it’s bloody easy to get turned around in Spokane!!! But I managed to get us back on track and none the worse for wear. I’ll now be able to listen to my iPod, watch a movie on my portable DVD player, muck about on my laptop or just watch the world go by heading down the highway. Nat and Garmin can have their time alone and talk amongst themselves!! Just let me know when we’ve arrived!!!


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