Ho Hum!!

It was a quiet weekend. Still feeling kind of crappy so we hung around close to  home, except for Saturday. Michele needed some help with her Money program on her computer so Nat and I went into St. Catharines – he to get the groceries and me to reload the program for Michele. We grabbed a bite to eat afterward and headed straight back home. We even stayed put for supper – bacon sandwiches with fries in front of the TV watching the Skins golf match.

As usual, I awoke Sunday morning feeling like death warmed over so I turned on Sunday Morning and fell asleep halfway through. Nat was putting the finishing touches on his crossword puzzle and again, we were in for the day. This cold has been kind of funny because as the day wears on I get to feeling better – it seems to rear its ugly head again later in the evenings and early mornings.

Monday we accomplished a bit more than the weekend – I baked some more cookies for Christmas and Nat cleaned up the two bikes and put them downstairs for the winter.  So it’s official – winter is here and no more rides down the trail. It’s too bad, as the more we stay close to home the more we turn on television and hear nothing but grim news about the economy and those stupid politicians in Ottawa who can’t get a handle on their heads and some common sense thinking!!!! Poor Nat, his blood pressure rises 75 points everytime he watches the news!!

On a good note, our new pots and pans arrived!!! How exciting is that!!!  We had seen a great deal in the Home Hardware flyer a couple weekends back for an 11 piece Paderno set and got all excited. We’ve been looking to upgrade our old pots and pans that are now over 20 years old and, naturally ran down to the store the next day to buy a set. Of course, being Fort Erie, our little Home Hardware didn’t get their ration and we took a rain check. So now they’re here, all unpacked and neatly tucked away for their first time use tonight. Can’t wait!!!

Well, can’t get much more boring than that, can we???


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