Attention Shoppers!!

“Attention all shoppers!! For your convenience, Wal-Mart will now be open 24 hours starting December 1st.”  This announcement came over the loud speaker and was posted on the doors today. So I’m asking myself, is there enough people in Fort Erie to shop here 24 hours?? The lady walking along side of me as we exited the store was wondering the same thing. We looked at each other with puzzlement and bewilderment. I mentioned I was from Ridgeway. “So am I” she said. “Well, I guess between us and them we should keep this thing going“, I quipped back. As we both laughed we hopped in our vehicles and followed each other down the road.

I honestly don’t know where all of these people are going to come from, but if Wal-Mart wants to keep a skeleton staff on hand during the wee hours of the morning, then so be it. I just feel sorry for those poor schmucks who have to work during those wee hours of the morning. They could take their skateboards, roller blades, bowling games, etc. to keep themselves occupied during down time. I suppose maybe the border guards can do their Christmas shopping at 2:00 or 3:00 o’clock in the morning when most border traffic has ground to a snail’s pace. They could go in shifts – shut down one or two gates, take off for Wal-Mart, and return for the next couple of guards to go. Actually, if you think about it, it’s not a bad idea. At least this way they don’t need to sneak out of the house to Christmas shop for their spouses. Do it during working hours and no one is none the wiser!!!

Not having a whole whack of toy stores or quaint gift shops in this little corner of the Niagara Peninsula, you have no choice but go to Wal-Mart. Just don’t look for something that’s really different. Remember, Wal-Mart is a big bejeesus chain and they all look alike!! And on that note, I also have to admit that today I noticed that they’re changing their inventory somewhat. As I was wandering around Housewares I saw new decorative bowls, vases and the like that looked to be a bit more upscale than usual. Even some of the Christmas decorations could compete with the likes of Canadian Tire. Yes, I said “Canadian Tire“. Don’t knock it until you try it – they’ve got some pretty good decorations for the average person who doesn’t shop at the likes of Eaton’s Centre or any other fancy Toronto boutique. We have to go to what’s available to us and Canadian Tire can fill that bill pretty good, especially if you do live in Fort Erie and Ridgeway. Besides I really try hard to “shop Canadian” and Wal-Mart makes that difficult at times only because of the convenience, so I always do Canadian Tire first!!

Having said all of the above, our Christmas decorating is coming to a halt. Otherwise, we’re done except for the tree, and I’m told that will get done this next weekend. We both had to make a couple of trips to Canadian Tire (outdoor lights, some new little house decorations, etc.) and to Wal-Mart for some salad dressing, but picked up a pretty half decent decorative Christmas tree for the hallway table. That’s the other thing about these two chain stores – you never just pick up the one thing you went for. With us, we went to Canadian Tire for some outdoor lights for the little umbrella tree out front and ended up with the lights, a gold wire decorative tree and some ornaments; at Wal-Mart I went for salad dressing and just happened to wander down the Christmas decoration aisle and this cute little tree just popped out at me!! Oh, yes and I just happened to find a nice glass dish that I could wrap a bow around for the new little tree to sit on!! I suppose it’s our little way of keeping this slowing economy going – shop, shop, shop!!! No money, no money, no money!!!!

Yes, I know I  went to Wal-Mart for salad dressing, but that was just my excuse. Having been couped up in the house for a couple of days feeling kind of crappy, I had to make my escape. When I do escape I enjoy wandering around the two biggest stores in our area to just see what’s new. Poor Nat was stuck sitting at home waiting for our “no show” tree guy.

Getting back to our daily routines – well, there hasn’t been one!! Things are in a bit of suspension. We’ve been waiting for our one little tree cutter to come by and take those two evergreens in the side yard. Naturally, no show. Not too sure how this guy keeps in business, despite the fact that he has good intentions. He just doesn’t have much business sense – real late in returning phone calls, somewhat forgetful in showing up – but he’s cheap and cheerful when he does!! The “weed tree” is due to become lumber for someone’s new home around the 4th of December. Kind of excited about that!! Watching a huge tree being chopped down to size is now an exciting event for us, sad to say!! Ah, the country life – big box stores and falling trees – can’t beat it!!!!



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