Hotflash or Humidity??

For about the third morning in a row, it’s been snowing. For the third morning in a row I’ve still awoken feeling pretty crappy and have every intention of doing sweet bugger all!! The guilt pangs are less because it is snowing and that always limits some activities. Not much consolation for Nat, as I’m in no mood to decide what’s on for the day – so he’s on his own. As a result he’s been puttering around the house and doing some of those little things every man says needs to be done, but never gets around to doing!!

However, as the day proceeds I start to feel a little perkier and tell myself that maybe I could accomplish some little things. Once I get my mojo working I’ve been doing a little Christmas decorating here, a little Christmas decorating there!! As we’ve never decorated this house for Christmas, it’s difficult to decide what “old” stuff from the other house goes where. It’s a challenge so, as stated above, I’ve been doing a little each day and everytime Nat walks in the living room something has been changed – or “tweaked” as I like to call it!!

While I’m in the midst of doing this, Nat will take a drive down to the shops to pick up whatever doodads he needs and today was no exception. He wandered down to Fort Erie on some errands and on his way home took the time to look around Rosehill Auction House. As luck would have it they received a load of dehumidifiers and as luck would have it, we’ve been talking about getting one. We’ve been waking up this past month to windows that look like they belong in a sauna – dripping with water. I swear we’ve been sleeping in a greenhouse, but without the plants! It’s been a baffling question as to exactly what is going on. The problem really seems to get extremely worse whenever the stove is in full gear. Each evening we’re in the throws of cooking supper, I start to sweat and Nat has to tell me to “back away from the stove, dear”. Is it another bloody hotflash or did someone throw some more water on the sauna rocks!!! Jeese Louise, someone turn down the heat!!!

Naturally this has been a topic of discussion for some days now and naturally we’ve tried to do as much research as we could. We removed the inside screens from the windows, we tried opening the windows now and again and each morning we’re still wiping down every pane of glass in the house. We’ve cornered our furnace guy when “she” came for our annual service call and our conclusions were confirmed – either a dehumidifier or we open every window in the house and freeze to death while the furnace chugs away doing its job and all that good heat goes out those opened windows. Talk about defeating a purpose!!!  Armed with our new information we concluded we would have to start looking around for a dehumidifier, and that’s where Nat’s walk-about at Rosehill Auctions comes into play. He had found what seems to be a half decent one, a new 2008 model and at less than half price!! Couldn’t beat that!!

I’m starting to think that this little guy is going to have to run for awhile. This “big white towel” of a house is dripping wet around every window, so it may take quite a few “wrings” to wring out the extra moisture. The only good thing in all of this – those four little plants I received for Mothers’ Day have barely needed watering – they’ve been thriving on the office windowsill craving hardly any attention at all. Now I suppose I may have to work at it a little harder – what with less moisture to go around!!


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