Should’ve Stayed In Bed.

Woke up this morning with a croaky frog in my throat. Looked out the window and there was an inch of snow on the ground. Got dressed, but don’t know what for. Didn’t do a thing all day. Should’ve stayed in bed!!!

Nat said the snow began early morning and was coming down pretty heavy by the time he was up and dressed. Certainly wasn’t in the forecast so it was a complete surprise. As I’m writing this posting the snow is still on the ground – there were several flurries during the day that looked ominus at times. So naturally when I peaked out the window I knew for certain I wasn’t going anywhere!! My throat was raw and I knew right away I was in it for the long haul, as usual. Each and every cold I get starts in the throat, heads up to my nose, goes back down the throat and after a good ten to twelve days begins to dissipate. It gets worse when I’m in the middle of the damn thing and start to loose sleep because of coughing and draining nasal passages. Ever since my transplant I’ve been able to sleep like a baby for a good eight hours and it’s been wonderful. So when I loose sleep now it really affects me. God, I hate it!!!!

After I got dressed I sat around most of the day. No energy. No ambition. Nat went out on a couple of errands while I stayed put. He was kind enough to pick up my new terry bathrobe that came in, along with some lozenges for my throat. He also made a side trip to the Dollar Store – he’s getting to like that place!! On one of our trips he noticed some pretty nice head tunics and decided they’d be pretty good for when he has to shovel snow, so he picked up three of them for good measure. After all it’s the Dollar Store and if you loose or ruin one you’re not out a whole whack of money!

I managed to do a couple of things in the office, including a little internet surfing which I haven’t done in quite some time. At least my hands got some exercise today!! Should’ve just stayed in bed!!!


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