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Thinking Ahead, But Getting Behind

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Sunday morning was quiet. I slept in until 9:00 am, and truth be known I could have gone until noon. I fixed a cup of tea and watched the Sunday Morning show I love, while Nat worked on his crossword puzzle. It was just nice.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and for me that meant baking bread while Nat watched a golf game on television.

This morning (Monday) we headed over to Niagara Square with the rest of the bargain shoppers to see what great savings we could discover at Linens ‘n Things “going out of business” sale. We thought we would be clever and buy some king size sheets for that new king size bed we plan to buy sometime down the road – perhaps in a couple more years. With the price of bed linens being pretty hefty, any kind of discount we can find is helpful. Along with bed sheets we’re also going to need a new duvet, duvet cover(s), king size pillows and naturally, king size pillow cases and shams. Needless to say the whole package can get pretty serious dollar wise!! Buying a little bit here and a little bit there helps to ease the blow.

We had a walk-about naturally, and checked out a few items that were on our wish list, but alas the bargains haven’t really begun yet. There were a few items that were up to 40% off but, nothing we could use. We did, however, manage to pick up a couple sets of sheets for 20% off which was better than nothing. We told ourselves that as the time gets closer to when the store is actually going to close its doors, that maybe we would have one last look around. Of course, that will be the time when nothing you want is available in the size or colour you’re looking for. But what the hell, maybe you’ll find some other goodies???

This afternoon while Nat was working on the outdoor Christmas lights and hanging the wreath, I thought I would dig through our boxes of decorations to jog my memory of what we had. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge this year, being our first time actually decorating for Christmas in our new home. This time last year we had no time, no energy and just couldn’t be bothered to decorate, afterall we had just moved in a few weeks before Christmas. After taking a few items upstairs I thought would be suitable, I returned downstairs to see what else I could find and opened the first drawer to the cabinet holding the Christmas tree decorations. I put my hand in to grab one of the snowmen dolls and soon discovered it, along with the Angels for the Christmas tree top, were covered in ooey, gooey candy cane. I suppose in our packing mania last year we threw those candy canes on top of everything and with the passage of time they began to deteriorate. Yuck, what a mess!!! I’m still waiting for the snowman doll and the little Angles to dry from the first cleaning, and will have to give it a second try. Red candy cane dye everywhere and naturally, it stains! Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow!!! Luckily the candy canes were all gathered in one spot and did no damage to the rest of the trinkets that were in that drawer. Ho, Ho, Ho!!!!


Author: Twila

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada, with 5 sisters and a brother. Now retired, my husband and I travel, play golf and am slowly renovating our new (old) home. After my kidney transplant in 1999, we've learned to enjoy life to the fullest. Nat and I have driven across Canada, taken an Alaskan cruise and drove home via the Northern United States. We've also been to Mexico, the Caribbean, the East Coast of Canada and Cape Breton. We've done the "Snowbird" thing, having lived in Destin, Florida for a couple of months of the year. In 2007 we changed our travel plans in order to move into and renovate our new "old" home, but hope to someday get back on the road again. We also love returning to Scotland (Nat's origin of birth) to visit his family and tour the Highlands and surrounding Isles.

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