We’re Still On That Downhill Slide

Even though Nat managed to squeeze in one last golf game this past week (the weather was absolutely perfect) it’s all been downhill from there. We’re still on that downhill slide until it gets closer to December 1st when all the excitement and fall-der-all should start up again. The early Christmas shopping, the Christmas cards that need to be sent overseas early, getting the house decorated and the baking started – or in my case completed. I always manage to get an early start on my baking just in case something didn’t get done and I still have time to do so closer to the big day!!

So needless to say we’ve both been kind of boring this past week or so. We have, however, started to get a couple of quotes on chopping down that behemoth tree in our back yard. Having received the first quote and after picking ourselves up from the floor after fainting, we’ve decided to kind of forego the whole Christmas thing this year!!!! I’m kidding of course – I’ve got a freezer practically full of goodies that we’d be forced to eat rather than give away – but we were taken aback just a bit at the price of using a chainsaw, climbing a tree and chopping down this sucker. We both knew it was going to be expensive and we were hoping that whoever we picked would be able to come into the yard with a cherry picker truck, like the hydro guys use, but it seems that’s impossible because of the over-hanging wires around the house. If they were to come in another way they’d be leaving such large ruts in the lawn that we’d be forever fixing them, and that’s a chore we’re not prepared to take on at this point in time. So this task has to be done by some gutsy guy climbing the tree, hooked to safety lines, spikes in his shoes, and chop or saw away bit-by-bit – thus the big expense. We have decided to bite the bullet and go for it. After all if we have another winter like this past one, we’ll have more sleepless nights worrying about which way that tree will fall, should it decide to finally give up the ghost. So we’re going to have to pay for “peace of mind” big time!!!

Other than getting quotes for chopping down the tree, our lives have been relatively quiet. The most exciting thing we’ve done in the past few days was take a quick trip into St. Catharines just to pick up the tickets for the golf dinner dance this weekend. Nat was to pick them up at 7:30 pm from a gentleman who lived on Tremont Drive. Having nothing else to do I went along for the ride to keep him company. It’s never fun driving down the QEW at night – long, boring and sometimes scary! As it turned out I was glad to have gone along – Tremont Drive is lined with some pretty gorgeous homes! Plus I’m one of those persons who loves to keep her head permanently cranked at a quarter turn looking out the passenger window of the van, so I can peak into homes that have their lights on and drapes opened. It’s usually a good viewing time between the hours of 5:00 pm –  7:00 pm. – when it’s just dark enough to turn a light on but not quite time to close the drapes!! Unfortunately the people on Tremont Drive are quite savvy to this trick – lights on, drapes closed and trees blocking the windows!!  I at least managed a few peaks during the drive into St. Catharines. The folks living hither and yon on the way into the City aren’t quite as uptight as those richer folks, so my trip wasn’t completely wasted. At least we were out of the house for an hour or so, which is more than we would have done otherwise!!

Aside from all of the above I’ve also managed to get some Christmas baking done. The freezer is starting to get a little heavy on one side with all of the containers of cookies, squares and bars, but there’s still more to go. Whenever I’m baking I’m in a zone and it makes me feel fulfilled. I’ve accomplished something and when the time comes hopefully pleased family and friends when they take a bite. Watching my baked goods get gobbled up is more satisfying than receiving any Christmas gift. Plus we’ve got a hell of a good supply of treats should we be stuck indoors during a huge snow storm!!!!

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