I’m Convinced – No Kids!

Having a chance to play golf on Friday morning, Nat was back in his glory. After several days of doom, gloom, cold and rain, the sun finally re-appeared and it turned out to be a perfect Fall day. As the wee hubby was out of my hair, I took the chance to get caught up on listening to my podcasts. I get behind in the Fall and Winter months when Nat is home on Wednesday afternoons – which was my quiet time to do what I wanted and I usually spent it behind the computer monitor with eyes glazed over as I surf the Net, listen or watch some podcasts, get caught up on some emails and card making or whatever other project I’ve found to do. Which reminds me, I’ve got Nat’s family photographs to get archived next, along with getting the household inventory recorded and our LPs converted to MP3. Here’s hoping to some more sunny days so Nat can get back on the golf course!!

As for Halloween night – I was convinced that we wouldn’t get any children to the door, but Nat thought we should get in a few treats just in case. We naturally bought goodies that we would like “just in case”. As it happened, Nat proved me wrong. We ended up having just over 20 kids and I was truly floored. I really didn’t think any parent would allow any child of theirs to jump our little ditch that runs in front of our property, or even wander around to the “dark” side of the house in order to get to our front door. I suppose, however, when candy is involved any kid is going to jump any ditch to get some freebies!! This time around I didn’t have to sit on the front stairs in order to mind the door. Our front door is now just steps away from my big comfy chair and at times I could see the little ones jumping the ditch to get to it!!

As we had such a big, exciting and exhausting night of answering the door, we decided to leave town Saturday morning. We headed into Hamilton to Limeridge Mall so I could find a new pair of shoes for the golf dinner dance in a couple of weeks. I found exactly what I was looking for, along with a new pair of jeans and we were done by lunch time. After a “Mall” lunch, we headed home via the “back roads” and made a nice day of it. The evening was even more complete when the Toronto Maple Leafs came from behind in their game to win.

Having missed our usual day for groceries, we headed into Niagara Falls this morning (Sunday) to complete that task. We were settling in for the afternoon – Nat with his crossword, me with the laundry and more baking, when our good friends from St. Catharines came ‘acallin’. They always make our day – we still miss being their neighbour. Remember, you can always make new friends, but you can’t make good neighbours!! Think about it!!


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