Charmed, I’m Sure!

This afternoon, after Nat returned from his golf game, we went into town to do a couple of errands. Nat did the drug store while I went to the Post Office for an extra stamp for Natalie’s card. As I was approaching the steps a sweet older lady was walking towards me and holding an opened envelope. With a silly grin on her face, she remarked “I opened this by mistake, it belongs to someone else”.  I laughed, and said “I’ve had days like that!”. “No one’s going to know it was you, so you should be safe”, I quipped. I followed her into the Post Office whereupon she promptly asked the Clerk “I opened this by mistake thinking it was mine, now what do I do?”  I couldn’t help it, but added “just scotch tape it”.   “That’s pretty much what I’ll do”, replied the Clerk. “Only I’ll add a new date stamp”, she added. We all laughed and away the sweet lady went. I then asked to buy an international stamp and while giving me my change, she queried “Is there anything else?”, I added “Yes, give me a packet of international stamps”.  “The Christmas ones are going to be in next week”, she replied. It’s as if she read my mind – I was in fact thinking of getting the stamps for our Christmas cards!!!

It’s not a big thing – but it’s a nice thing!! To be able to walk into a Post Office, laugh with another customer and have the Postal Clerk know exactly what you’re thinking.

I then headed down the street to the drug store to see how Nat was getting on. Naturally, he was wandering the small aisles looking for one of the items on his list. The new local pharmacists have been in the process of re-organizing the store and poor Nat was lost – and there’s only 3 aisles to the whole place!! The store clerk spotted him looking a bit bewildered, asked what he was looking for and promptly directed him to the right area. I found the additional items on the list, and we checked out, again with a smile on our faces. “They’ve changed everything”, he said. “Yes, dear“, I replied.

This little errand just confirmed to Nat and I that we chose the right area to live in. It will be a year in November since we moved and we still have no regrets. The friendly locals, the charm of downtown once the tourists have cleared your view and around every corner there’s nature and wild life.

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