Here’s To A Great 14 Years, Dear!!

Last evening we enjoyed a belated anniversary dinner. We went into Niagara Falls and dined at the Fallsview Restaurant high atop the Sheraton on the Falls. We’ve been dining there almost every year, only having missed a couple of times due to looking for a change of pace. We had forgotten that this was truly the best way to enjoy “The Falls” – both the American side and the Horseshoe – as you literally had a bird’s eye view overlooking the Niagara River and surrounding City scapes, along with a view of the better side of Buffalo. It was especially beautiful with the leaves dressed in their Fall finery and inter-mingled between street scapes, tall buildings and decorative park areas, which added to the ambience.

The meal was lovely despite the fact that the buffet had been downsized somewhat over the years. We had noticed the pasta dish was no longer available, the rice pilaf was gone, as was the smoked salmon, but the prime rib was just as succulent as I remembered, and the other dishes were varied enough that even Nat was able to enjoy things he wouldn’t normally get at home.

We enjoyed the wine, the salad and shrimp bar, the main meal and the desserts.  Oh my, the desserts!!!! Black Forest cake, chocolate tortes, assorted fruit trays, cherry pie and so much more.  We were able to sit back, enjoy the view and talk to our hearts’ content without feeling rushed out the door in order to clear the table for the next patrons.  During the course of a minor chit chat with our waitress it was revealed we were “locals” and that we dined here most years for our anniversary. While enjoying tea and dessert she re-appeared with a double container in hand. She placed the sweet smelling package on the table and advised that the pastry chef had just baked mini fruit and nut gallettes with accompanying custard. “With our compliments“, she said as I peaked into the still warm container holding two gallettes all dusted with confectioner’s sugar with the opposite side containing the custard, and smiled with our most gracious “thank-yous”.

With a wonderful evening behind us we headed home, the gallettes being held carefully on my lap and keeping my knees warm, to a quiet evening in front of the fire. Maybe we’re not complacent as I mentioned in a previous posting, but maybe we’re just really comfortable with each other.

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