Take A Deep Breath, People!!!!

My kidney transplant was easier to endure than watching the markets this week!! Nat and I have never been so scared, tense and worried. We don’t have much but what we’ve got is all that we’ve got!! If we lose that we’ll struggle for years and years to come!!

I also find it extremely difficult for those television financial advisors that repeat over and over again (I’m sure just to calm markets) “to stay the course and don’t panic“.  Easy for them to say – they’ve got good paying jobs and youth on their side. They fail to truly understand the seniors and soon-to-be seniors of this world. They don’t go home at night and wonder where they’ll get that extra financial boost to their pensions that is so desperately needed by some. It’s a life time of savings for some people that is literally going down the tubes because of the greed of a certain few American financial lending institutions who, as we speak, are probably basking in the sun’s rays bouncing off all of that money in the Caymen Islands. Despite the fact that Congress is questioning some of the culprits, it makes no difference. These men have received their golden parachutes, bonuses and huge salaries long before the markets crashed, stashed it away, are now sitting around their palatial pools, sipping margaritas and living the good life. They may argue otherwise, that they, too, have lost in the markets, but to that I way “Whoopee, cry me a river!!!!”. 

I’m going to continue to think positive – it’s too late to do otherwise – and hope like hell that a lot of people take Stephen Harper’s advice and start to pick up some of those good buys that are now available.  I only wish we had some extra cash to do so ourselves, but our extra cash has gone somewhere down a rabbit hole never to be retrieved any time too soon. We may never catch up.

In my humble opinion the current U.S. President (and we all know who I mean) can’t be relieved of his duties fast enough!! He can retire to his huge Texas ranch, ride his horses and write his memoirs in extreme comfort – and even continue to have Secret Service agents protect him!!! His free market economics didn’t work, along with his foreign policy and he’s leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. God Bless America!!!!!!! I wish Canada could “cut along the dotted line” and sever herself from being attached to the dying and fallow land below.

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