Peace of Mind – Priceless??

Talkin’ big bucks now, baby. After another scare with the hydro going out, we called Friday afternoon to get a quote on a gas generator. Boy those suckers aren’t cheap, are they?? But I tell myself it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. When the time comes that we want to go back to Scotland to see Nat’s sister, we’ll need something permanent and reliable in case of another power outage or “brown out” as some of them are called. It’s also ever so frustrating, tiring and just plain pissy to be arisen from bed to get out the candles, the matches, the flashlight and wander around the house to see what happened. We look out the windows to see if we can see anything, despite the fact that it’s usually in the middle of the night and it’s dark and we can’t see a thing anyways!! Why do people do that?? Do we expect someone to be standing in the middle of the road with a huge neon sign that says “The Power is Out. Please remain calm. Time Remaining 00.59 minutes“. We can never get back to sleep, there’s no one around to tell you a thing so you end up walking about making sure the storm that caused this outage isn’t causing any more damage and by the time the lights come back on it’s usually time to get up and get on with the rest of your day!! Enough of this crap, I say!!

This is suppose to be our little nest for the rest of our lives and we might as well get it right, after all I think we’re both worth the extra expense, despite the fact that I’m prejudiced!

On Saturday morning the owner of this local company arrived and gave us a well-informed quote and we were duly impressed with what he had to say. So now we have to make that final decision on whether to go ahead and how to pay for this sucker in order to get that peace of mind we so desperately crave. Even after Nat’s two days of piling soil all around the house we were also told some of it would have to be removed in order to install a base for the generator. Figures, eh?? Hopefully after this is all resolved we can settle in for the winter and hibernate in front of the fire with a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies, a good cup of tea, and whatever else that soothes the soul!!! I’m thinking a magazine, a good book or even a great old black and white movie!!!

After getting our informative quote, we headed down the road to pick up two of our grandchildren. We were taking them both to Limeridge Mall to shop for their birthdays. Felicia needed clothes and Bridget was looking for a “side bag”, and we were successful on both fronts. It was difficult at first to get them both to run about the stores, grab a whack of items they liked and try them on. Felicia was especially worried about the price of things and we kept insisting that we knew when to say No! Go figure, a teenager worried about money!!! Must have been something in the food her mother was feeding her, or else Mom and Dad brain-washed them beforehand!! We had no complaints. Both girls were great and we had a wonderful time running Felicia in and out of dressing rooms while Papa Nat hung around the front of the store and Bridget and I stayed back, kept our eye on the opening at the bottom of the change room and made Felicia model everything. Poor kid, after track and field that morning she couldn’t stop yawning!!!

We made time for a midday snack and drink, had a final look around and headed home. Bridget was to be dropped off at a restaurant for a birthday party and sleep-over so Papa Nat and I treated Felicia to a fish and chip supper at our favourite “chippy”. It also worked out good for their Mom and Dad as they had a chance to go out for a quiet supper of their own. Along with a perfect day weather wise, it was a win-win all around!!

Sunday morning we headed back over to Felicia and Bridget’s house for cake and ice cream and to watch them open the other presents received from their Aunts and cousins. They each made out pretty good and naturally it was nice to see all of the kids and grandkids inbetween squawks, screams, squeals, hoorahs, etc. from the football game blaring on the TV in the living room. I’m getting too old – the TV should not be allowed on in the living room when company is there!! This old broad only picked up half of any conversation going on! Besides, I hate football – but I’m not opinionated!! Honest, I bit my tongue – it wasn’t my house! 


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