The Wind And The Willow Tree

Hurricane Ike, or at least the perimeter winds, blew through our little village last night. The trees started to shiver and quake shortly before 8:00 pm and we were at least able to enjoy a small portion of our evening before the lights flickered, fluttered, dimmed and finally went kaput!! Naturally, the satellite went along for the ride, I suppose because it looked exciting, and why broadcast the television news when you can cancel yourself out and go for a wild ride in the wind!! It’s kind of ironic in a way – if we needed to hear what was going on in any kind of emergency we’d be screwed – no satellite!!!

It was unbelievable how powerful the wind was. We didn’t have to say a word, as we both were thinking the same thing – ‘is this the night that huge tree decides to fall’?  The one reason we hated to go to bed, as both of our little heads would be right in the line of fire!! Trust me, it wouldn’t be a pretty site!! Even the little willow tree down by the bridge was swinging in the breeze and bending over as if to take a bow. It might as well, as it’s about to get the old axe one of these days. It’s too close to the bridge crossing the stream and if given a chance to grow another year will uproot the bridge and everything around it. We’re pretty certain this tree wasn’t planted by the previous owner and think it’s been some buds that have taken root in the wrong spot. So we decided it was best to nip it in the bud and send it to tree heaven before it gets any bigger.

It was a little iffy with the hydro at times. One light in the living room would just go out, while the other would start to go dim and flicker as if teasing us and saying “will I or won’t I??” We were sitting in our comfy chairs waiting to see what it would do and then darkness descended upon us. Naturally every now and again we would get teased, as one light would come back on, the satellite would return, another light would go off and on, off and on, and then suddenly we were in darkness again. Oh, the horror!!! If I was a believer, I’d be wondering where the ghost was hiding all this time and why he suddenly decided to make an appearance. Frustrating as it was we managed to grab about ten minutes of the news and then decided to give into that ghastly ghoul and went to bed.

After our initiation into darkness this past winter, we had already put together a couple of emergency kits and I pulled them out inbetween bouts of flickering lights to get things ready for any worse case scenario. The candles, the matches and extra flashlights were set up and ready to go on top of the washer and dryer where we could get at them quick and easy if needed.

Before bedding down for what we knew would be a long sleepless night, we turned off the power back-up to the computer (only because it beeps incessantly during a power outage) and Nat made a final check of the back-up for the sump pump. I knew he’d be laying in bed waiting for it to kick in and I wasn’t wrong. As it turned out, however, the power finally returned after about an hour and the back-up for the sump pump wasn’t required. We were lucky, there was no rain that came to play with the wind and we knew the sump pump wouldn’t fill as quickly as it would have otherwise.

We were both semi-conscious all night long, despite the fact that our eyelids were drooping down past our cheeks. Our minds wouldn’t give us peace as horrible disasters kept dancing in our heads!! When our bedside clocks started to flash their little red faces again, we knew the power had returned.

When we awoke this morning the lawn was covered with debris from that big old tree that we keep talking about chopping down, along with enough leaves to make it look like Fall had arrived a few days early and you had to dig your way down to at least find the green grass. We were tired but still managed to stagger about the house resetting whatever clocks needed it – the microwave, the stove, the fax machine, the alarm clocks, the DVD players, and so on. We also managed to get the lawn debris cleared away (at least Nat did) while I baked some cookies just to say I accomplished something. In between our yawns and “Oh my God, I’m tired” remarks we at least fumbled through the day with hopes of perhaps getting a better nights sleep tonight. I’m willing to guess we may not make it until bed time and our little heads will bob up and down with chins resting on our chests as we grab a few winks while watching whatever it is we can find to watch on television!! Good night and God Bless!!!

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