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Nothing New – Literally!!

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Boring is as boring does. If that makes sense?? That pretty much sums up our last few days, except for one little window of opportunity yesterday. In between rain drops Nat managed to get back to the perimeter of the house. He’s now taking out bits and bobs of loose grass and weeds so they won’t rear their ugly little heads when the new soil arrives and gets distributed all around. He’s hoping to make some gardens out of certain of these areas and grass and weeds are not in the plans.

Naturally, while he was out doing his ‘thing’ he noticed some insulation along the side of the house under where the venting for the fireplace is. Apparently there’s a gap under the venting system that’s been left uncovered and had some insulation stuffed up there. We can only assume that some raccoon or chipmunk has discovered this little nesting area and has begun to draw up architectural plans! Well, we’ve now put those drawings back in the drawer and have taken care of the situation by putting the insulation back and covering over the extra portion of the vent. Of course this was more trouble than it was worth, only because Nat had to lay on his back surrounded by mud and muck, do the whole job reaching upwards and after a couple of hours of work, his plans for the rest of the day were abandoned. He’s not sure when he’ll get back to what he wants to do especially if the rains keep coming, and I suppose it’ll be Spring 2009 before the new soil even gets ordered.

As today turned out to be another wet one (more rain last night), Nat again was unable to continue outside so he accompanied me to the doctors (my annual physical) and we also made the trip around the corner to check on my parents’ gravesite. What a sorry site that was! We’ve not been able to get there for quite some time, because of our recent move, and anything that was left alive was looking pretty sorry. Even one of the plants that we thought we had dug out last year apparently found some wee root to cling to and gave it the old college try and bloomed. So we cleaned up what we could, stirred around the soil to make it look as if someone is about to do something and drove away. Honest, we’ll do something this Spring! Along with a thousand other items on our ‘to do list’, this one will be at least in the top 10. Hummmm – deep sigh!!!


Author: Twila

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada, with 5 sisters and a brother. Now retired, my husband and I travel, play golf and am slowly renovating our new (old) home. After my kidney transplant in 1999, we've learned to enjoy life to the fullest. Nat and I have driven across Canada, taken an Alaskan cruise and drove home via the Northern United States. We've also been to Mexico, the Caribbean, the East Coast of Canada and Cape Breton. We've done the "Snowbird" thing, having lived in Destin, Florida for a couple of months of the year. In 2007 we changed our travel plans in order to move into and renovate our new "old" home, but hope to someday get back on the road again. We also love returning to Scotland (Nat's origin of birth) to visit his family and tour the Highlands and surrounding Isles.

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