I Feel Your Pain

After going through a failed cavity repair, Nat returned to the dentist for a root canal this morning. He was hopeful that this would do the job, and away he went to get it over with. However, he returned home almost four hours later (including travel time) frustrated, angry and disappointed. It appears that his regular dentist can’t do the job – too involved – and will have to send him to a specialist.

During his appointment this morning, he endured pain he’s never felt his entire life and had to grab the dentist’s arm, and this was only for the freezing. It turns out that the original cavity repair was under the tooth and partially in the gum and is hitting or disturbing some nerves. Thus the reason for the second appointment for the root canal. He’s already suffered through a couple of weeks of severe sensitivity while trying to eat or drink anything and was so hoping that this root canal this morning would be the end of it. Just his dumb luck, that’s not the case!! So we’ll sit and wait until the specialist calls for an appointment and he’ll endure another trip into town to hear the specialist’s assessment of the whole matter and if there are any guarantees in having the root canal. He’s so hoping this tooth won’t have to be pulled!!!

My heart goes out to him, having endured three root canals in one sitting (a very long story) and the expense is something we really can’t handle right now. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the specialist’s fees will be covered by our plan and won’t put us in the hole like they did when I had my teeth done. I’m beginning to think that this “specialist” thing is a racket, but I’m not bitter!!!

The list of things to get down around the house has been sitting on the back shelf and Nat’s getting frustrated that he’s not been able to get to them. He’s so anxious to get the perimeter of the house built up for drainage purposes before the snow flies and the way things have been getting in his way, he’s beginning to think it may never get done. We’ll get there sooner or later “the good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise“. Amen, Brother!!!


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