We All Need Someone to Lean On.

We received further news about Natalie in England. It’s been determined that she’s got 4 brain tumors – one of which is a category 3 (on a scale of 1 – 4 for severity). She’s in pretty good spirits despite the news, but she’s been through her mother’s breast cancer and knows that positive thinking is a given. Her husband on the other hand (Nat’s nephew, Nat) is in pieces, and the rest of his family is trying their best to console him and let him know that he, too, has to think positive if only for his wife and their two children. Natalie is going to need all the support she can get and Nat is going to have to be her rock until they get through this thing.

The doctors are pretty sure they may not be able to operate, but have left an opening in the ER on Friday just in case. They’re in the process of determining whether they can give her chemo or radiation to shrink the tumors and hopefully they’ll have further news for her tomorrow or Thursday.

Along with everything else that has been happening in Jenny’s family, they’ve now found out that Vicky won’t be able to have any more children. A day or two after Natalie’s seizure, Vicky (another one of Nat’s nephew’s children and about 4 months pregnant) was rushed to hospital – her falopian tube had burst. After surgery to stop the hemorrhaging she was told she may be able to have another child. However, it’s since been determined that she won’t and, needless to say, she’s devastated. Her first child isn’t even a year old, and they think she may have tried to have a second child too soon.

Just to add to all of the confusion, Lizia (one of Sharon’s girls) was getting married the weekend that Natalie had her seizure. A sullen ceremony was carried out and those that were able to attend had a nice time and at least were able to forget their worries for a few hours.

My Nat is worried about Jenny. She’s been practically on the phone 24-7, and as she’s not able to drive she just can’t hop into a car and go to any of her children or grandchildren’s sides. She’s not getting the sleep she needs and has been neglecting herself in order to help whenever and wherever she can. I’m sure things are going to be okay and we can only hope that this is the last of the lousy and crappy bad news that may come their way. At least Natalie is keeping up the positive thoughts and is in pretty good spirits, so we can only hope that she can convince the rest of the family to do the same. As for Vicky, we’re sure she’ll soon come to realize that her first born child is a blessing and there’s always adoption if she so chooses. Lizia on the other hand is going to have an anniversary date that may be remembered for other things!

All of the above just proves that life is too short – enjoy it and live it to the fullest!!!

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