Fun Days In Wainfleet

This past week has been kind of quiet for the two of us. We had some errands to run in St. Catharines so we made a day of it this past Friday – Costco, Canadian Tire – and then visited our old neighbours for an hour or so before heading home. Today, however, we invited Bonnie along as we trekked around the Marshville Heritage Festival in Wainfleet. I enjoy doing the Craft Show and as usual get my requisite candy apples. Turned out to be a perfect day for it and the three of us had a nice time. Bonnie managed to pick up a pair of gorgeous earrings, while I bought another “tea lady” for my collection, along with a “MadCap” hat (with the approval of both Bonnie and Nat). I’ve never been able to judge whether hats look good on me and between Nat, Bonnie and the sales lady I found one that looks pretty good and should be protection for me whenever I’m in the back yard, if I remember to put it on!!!

It was nice spending the day with Bonnie and we were able to get caught up on what she’s been up to with her move. Sounds like she’s pretty much organized and very anxious to get the move going now. This time next year I’m sure she’ll wonder where the time went!!!

Sounds like No. 1 brother is coming “down south” for a day or two in a couple of weeks, but we may not get a chance to see him. Felicia’s 14th birthday is coming up and the actual day of the party hasn’t been determined yet. So, depending on which weekend the party’s held, along with some personal appointments and Nat’s golf tournament, will determine whether we’ll be able to see Clair. I’m sure we won’t be missed in all the excitement.


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