The Boys of Summer and Baseball

After a bad news day yesterday, we at least had a bit of good news later that evening. Our grandson, Lucas, has made the Bullets Baseball League, a more advanced league from who he plays with now and it’s a tournament group that travels and plays U.S. teams. Apparently one of their coaches was keeping an eye on Lucas and another lad in his team during the summer, all the while coaching another team playing against our guys. He had also remembered Lucas from last season when he and his parents were looking into the Bullets.

Lucas is proud and excited, and who can blame him. He’s pitched most of the year in top form, but has a bit of work to do apparently on his batting stance. He’ll have his work cut out for him, I’m sure, but he understands all of this and is more than willing to give it his best shot. We all hope he does, as this is going to be difficult for his Mom and Dad financially, but so far he’s excelled and has worked hard at practice.

Now, I’m not a sports enthusiasts – except for a really good hockey game, maybe some Winter Olympic sports such as downhill and mogul skiing – but I get the biggest thrill out of watching Lucas play baseball. Yes, I know it’s because he’s my grandson, but he loves the game so much you can just see it in his eyes when he’s out there and you can feel his passion while he’s playing. He’s into it and is always there whenever one of his team mates falter. Each and every one of them are very supportive of the other. They’ve learned that “team spirit” thing that is so important and it’s nice to watch. With all of this, Lucas has matured and learned a few lessons in life that only a team sport can teach you.

His older sister, however, is going to have to endure even more of “Lucas this, Lucas that” but she’s survived a long summer and managed to maintain her good spirits whenever she does show up for a game. She too has had a really good summer job this year and most of her attention has been held elsewhere while maturing in so many different ways.

Papa Nat and I both feel a little older each time we see any of our grandchildren. It’s that same old story everytime we see them they’ve grown another inch. Yes, life goes on and we, too, shall overcome!!



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