Today Life Just Sucks!!!!

All my life I’ve been an optimist. All through dialysis and the actual transplant, my doctors at St. Joseph’s encouraged optimism, and they had no problem with me. I was born an optimist. I knew in my heart of hearts that everything would just work out. Life was good!!

Well, today, it really sucks!!  The day began good enough, the Roto-Rooter man was coming at noon to fix our sump pump problem and we waited with bated breath. We even called to confirm that the price quoted included the senior’s discount.  Hey, you turn the age, you get to take advantage of whatever comes your way – you’ve earned it!!  We were then told that their guy might turn up a little early. Great!!

As it turned out he showed up a little after 12:00 noon, but hey, a man’s gotta eat!! Nat had a chance to speak with the guy before he left for his golf game, and the afternoon was off to a good start.  BUT THEN, I get a phone call. It’s Nat’s sister, Jenny, calling from England. Now Jenny doesn’t usually call just to chit chat. She’s a widow, on a small pension and she makes due pretty well on what little she has. So when it’s her nickel for a long distance call, you know it’s important. The last time she called it was to break the news to us that her husband of over 50 years had died.

So naturally, it was no surprise when she said to me “I’ve got some bad news”. She proceeded to tell me that her daughter-in-law (and Nat’s niece by marriage) had suffered a seizure last Friday and after a scan they discovered she had a brain tumor. It was decided not to perform a biopsy at that time, as biopsies can cause excessive bleeding and swelling of the brain. However, a second tumor was discovered and now a biopsy has to be performed. That’s to take place tomorrow, and they won’t have the results until a week later. The first tumor discovered was thought to be benign and let’s keep those positive thoughts, that it is.

Natalie (the daughter-in-law) is a beautiful, vibrant young woman, married to a very handsome young man, has two beautiful children and an infectious smile and giggle.  To add insult to injury, she comes from a family that has been dealt some pretty bad cards – her father has lost a leg, her mother is recovering from breast cancer and her brother has Cerebral Palsy . It was hoped that Natalie was the one family member that was dealt a good hand in life. But like I said, sometimes life just sucks!!!!

I’m going to continue being an optimist. I have to be. My family, too, has been dealt a few bad hands in life and we’ve overcome them. Not always to our satisfaction, but we’ve done the best we could. I’m living proof that life continues. I was given a second chance and I’m running with it. If you begin to think only negative thoughts you can get depressed, overwrought with tension and stress and lose a lot of sleep. Besides you begin to bring everyone else down with you. Life’s too short for that!!!

So we’re going to sit and wait, keep in constant touch with Jenny and hope like hell everything goes great for Natalie. She’s too young to even have to endure this kind of thing. We’ll keep our fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyeballs crossed that any future news is only good news! We’ll keep Natalie, her husband and kids in our hearts and minds until this little bump in the road is behind them.

On a completely different and more upbeat note – the leaky problem in the basement is now officially fixed. YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!


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