It’s Okay Mike, We’ve Called In The Top Guns!

Well, “our gal” never came back regarding the sump pump pipe. She did say her family was taking off for a couple of days and that she’d have her father-in-law call, but as we’ve not heard back and the rain keeps comin’ down, we had to call someone else. We were actually surprised that the basement stayed relatively dry despite last nights steady downpour. God, when will it ever stop!!!!!

So we called in the big guns – the Roto-Rooter guys – and boy they ain’t kiddin’. They showed up the day we called, looked over the job and, as it was bigger than expected, they’s acomin’ back tomorrow baby to do the job!!! Slam, bang, thank-you ma’am!!! Can’t ask for much faster service than that?

Naturally he’s returning on Nat’s golf day – so if there’s a problem, it should get kind of interesting. Not knowing anything about plumbing, Nat tried to explain what this guy’s going to do, but we all know my eyes glazed over, I started to envision chocolates dancin’ in my head and I’m thinking of what to fix for supper – but I soon nod my head, get a little grasp of the situation and respond with “yep, okay, gottcha!!”  As it turns out this guy seems a little hyper, so I’m thinkin’ the job may not take him that long.  If he works as fast as he talks, we should be good to go within an hour or two, despite the fact that he’s thinkin’ maybe a 3 hour job!!

So as I’m told he has to dig down a bit to expose the exterior pipe leading out of the basement (which by the way is already half exposed due to a bad install in the first place), which involves chipping away a portion of the surrounding concrete, remove the crimped section, replace it with the proper new pipe fitting along with another smaller section for the interior, surround that with some sort of expanding and contracting foam goo, before it all gets wrapped up again in concrete. I’ve also been advised that they’re going to put a coupling on the interior pipe that leads into the actual sump pump basin which has never looked right and, in fact, isn’t apparently!! What we thought was some old rag hanging out of that pipe to catch the drips, turns out to be some sort of “sock” that is, in fact, suppose to be there! The interior pipe just isn’t fully connected to something else in behind???  Now if anyone repeats this half-ass explanation to Nat I’ll deny any and all knowledge of the whole thing!!!! Despite the fact that he’s explained this whole thing to me several times already – once when the whole thing began, once or twice inbetween calling “guys”, once again this morning and a final run-through during supper, my memory just doesn’t retain things that are that exciting!! However, I must admit, that the above explanation sounds pretty damn good – at least I know what a “coupling” is!!!! Yes, I’ve learned something from watching Mike Holmes!!

So we’ll wait and see what happens, hope like hell this is the last of it and we can then get on with topping up the perimeter of the house with mega tons of soil so all that bloody rain will drip and drain away from this place. I’m ever so tempted to start up a plumbing business. With the luck we’ve had, the calls we’ve made, the “We’re all booked up” responses received, along with “We don’t do quotes!”  I’m certain there’s a plumbing conspiracy and I want in on it. There’s money to be had in pipes, baby!!!


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