Fore!!!! Or Is That “Heads’ Up???

My golf game has pretty much been non-existent of late. I’ve struggled with the heat ever since my transplant and when I get on the course and start to sweat I can’t hit that ball fast enough just to get the hell out of there!! My only consolation is that I’ve at least had my perfect game. While in Florida a couple years back we decided to hit the links on the course right behind our condo. I could do no wrong that day and I began to get giddy!! I was striking the ball so straight Freddie Couples would have been proud. Plus my putting was right on the mark! Mind you, I wasn’t getting the distance, but then again, I never could. But for me this was my day and I shaved at least 20 strokes off of my game!! So I figure now I can at least rest in peace!!

As the past few summers have been extremely hot I’ve declined going out with Nat for a game or even to the practice range.  I’ve figured why bother – I get hot, frustrated, bitchy and just want to wrap an iron around a pole. At least he’s got his foursome now and isn’t really missing me – not that I was good for any foursome!!! Having said all of the above, I finally decided to accompany Nat at the driving range only because it was a perfect morning this past Friday!! Feeling I had stayed away long enough maybe my attitude had relaxed a little?? Let’s rethink that thought, shall we!!!!

With a small bucket of balls dumped around me, I took my 5 iron (which is usually the one I excel at) and began to swing. WELL, what a bloody waste of time that was!!! I then took my 7 iron (again, another one I can get some good distance out of) and again, useless. Perhaps one or two half decent shots, but again no distance! So I decided on the old pitching wedge. What to my disbelief but I could do no wrong with that sucker. I managed to get some really good distance with a half decent loft to the ball. Everything about it just felt good. But I’m now perplexed!!! Is it that I’ve gone down so far in my irons that I won’t be able to climb back up to at least my 5er???? I suppose this is a sign that if I’m going to get serious again, I’m going to have to work at it. Damn, who ever thought of golf as work??? It use to be a fun game for me, at least while working at Twenty Valley over thirty years ago!!

Even poor Nat was struggling. He, too, is having a hard time with his irons. For some reason he’s not getting the distance either and that’s never been a problem for him. God I hope this isn’t a turning point for both of us – you know where you begin to age, the strength in your arms start to get a little soft, you walk with just a bit of a hunch and your feet start to shuffle along and you start to say “What’d you say?” a lot!!!  Please God, let’s not go there!!!!

Meanwhile “our guy” showed up about the leak in the basement. Turned out to be “our gal” !!! And what a gal she was – cute little thing but I’m thinking she could bust your chops if you did her wrong. She certainly seemed to know her stuff, and if she’s correct, it’s going to be a much minor problem than we anticipated. Whew!!!! Turns out the pipe leading into the house and into the sump pump is crimped and the other pipe leading from the sump pump to the outside isn’t sealed properly. Nat could see both problems and “our gal” is going to check with her father-in-law (the sump pump expert) to see what it will take to fix it. So, we’re left waiting again!!! At least the rain has stopped and we’re high and dry for a little while.

The only really nice time we had these past few days was our supper on Friday night. We decided to put a couple of nice steaks on the barbie, along with some perfectly done homemade fries and yummmm!! We then went over to Port Colborne to watch Lucas and his team win another one of his championship games. And what an exciting game to watch. It was fast, it was well played by both teams and it was a perfect night for a ball game. They’re two for five now – one more to go and they’ve got this season sewn up!! God listen to me!!! I’m starting to enjoy baseball!!!!!!


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