Dear Mr. Holmes – Can You Help Us??

This old house has finally sprung a leak! I suppose it was inevitable – what with everything else that’s gone wrong since we moved in, and with all this bloody rain!! We first discovered the wet floor in the basement Monday morning before leaving for James’ funeral. At first we were thinking there was a crack in the basement floor (the sump pump room), and naturally we were really, really worried, as we knew the expense involved in order to get that repaired. We’ve seen too many Holmes on Homes shows to know that the task was not going to be an easy one – it would be labour intensive and probably involve having back hoes and the like scurrying  around our front yard!!

We sat down, talked over our options – get the crack sealed from the inside; get the crack repaired from the outside; get the crack AND the exterior sump pump pipe repaired at the same time; or sit tight and hope like hell the water doesn’t start coming upstairs and drown us in our sorrows!!!! We both knew what the right solution would be and no matter how we looked at it, it was going to be major big bucks! We’ve got no money left from our little renovation fund (that got eaten up by the new furnace, new garage door, new water heater, paint, curtains, moving expenses, lawyers’ fees, etc., etc., etc.) and we’ve also been taken aback by the higher property taxes out this way along with everything else that sneaks around the corner and whacks you in the wallet!!! So where we get the money is beyond me!! But we both know it’s one of those jobs that if you don’t fix it now it’s going to get worse, and worse is not what we need right now. Needless to say, we “called a guy” to get a quote and see where we go from there.

After being rained out from his golf game this afternoon (poor man, two weeks in a row!), Nat had another look at what was going on down there. The rain was coming down in buckets for about half an hour – so this was a good time to try and catch a few waves!!! He decided to tear back some of that black barrier paper and thinks the whole water thing may be coming from one of the sump pump pipes that’s never been connected properly. Man oh man, if this is the case, then hopefully we can spare a whole lot of moolah and not have to have the exterior basement wall smashed to smithereens!! So we’ll have to wait and see what “our guy” thinks!!

Nat’s also completed his storage rack for the recycle bins. Pretty neat idea and handy as can be. Each bin is stacked on top of one another sitting on its own pull-out shelf. Plus he’s also set up another little two cubby hole unit for outdoor shoes, boots, and my cases of gingerale. He’s made more room for himself in the garage and can now get his gardening things organized. The van will soon be back in it’s warm spot in the garage and we won’t have to be exposed to the “elements” whenever we want to get in and go somewhere!! At least something is going right in this old house!!!


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