Rainy Days ‘n Sundays

Another one of those rainy Sundays where you’re not too sure what to do and by the time you think of anything, it’s too late! We’ve been getting so much rain these past few weeks we’re starting to feel like a couple of wet dish rags. The rain has been sporatic enough that the lawn hasn’t had enough time to dry out so it can be mowed, or to clean-up after the tree cutter finally chopped up the roots of the two trees we had removed. Plus it’s just miserable enough that you don’t feel like going anywhere. So you sit, watch a little TV, have a pre-lunch snack, sit some more, get a little lunch, sit some more, do a crossword, watch a little more TV, grab a mid-afternoon snack (because you’re bored to death), walk around the house, watch the rain from various windows, sit some more, get a drink, watch even more TV, check your emails, surf the net, and generally just drift in and out of consciousness.

Out of sheer boredom and inbetween rain pellets Nat and I went down to Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart to wander around after lunch. If we didn’t, I think we would have been asleep in our chairs by 2:00 pm. So off we went with our little list in hand – some bird feed, a rug for the laundry room, reflectors for the mail box posts and some Aero chocolate bars to keep my addiction in tact. Naturally we came home with a few more items that were NOT on the list, but that’s always par for the course. A wasted day but at the same time we still accomplished something!!

As I mentioned earlier, our tree cutter appeared suddenly out of the blue on Wednesday. I’m sitting in the office, while Nat’s at his golf game, and I can see out of the corner of my eye this yellow piece of machinery appearing very slowly from the east side of the house. Next thing I see is Richard (the tree cutter), behind the handles of this rotating blade machine bobbing up and down ever so slowly over the exposed roots of a once growing pine tree. It turned the clay soil, it chopped and diced those roots up as fast as those slicers and dicers in the infomercials, and it spit out those pebbles and small rocks like they were marshmallows!! Before I knew it he was done leaving behind a couple of small heaps of fluffy clay soil with chopped up roots and rocks that looked like side dishes! Now if the bloody rain would just let up for a few days, we can finally get some of that debris spread around the base of the house to fill in those gaps to stop the water from seeping down there. I suppose if we wait long enough winter will be hear and everything will be frozen so we won’t be able to do a damn thing again until Spring, when the rain will start all over again!!  Mother Nature you’re killin’ us here!!

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