Half Heaven, Half Heartache

With a lot of sweat (literally and physically) Nat has managed to get a good portion of his “tool heaven garage” set up. The cabinets have been completed, with one base cabinet on the floor (under his new work bench) and another hung up on the wall – and looks mighty fine, if I do say so myself!!! Canadian Tire needs to be congratulated for its cabinets, as they’re really pretty sturdy and look good, to boot!!

He’s proud of his new work bench; his previous one was the old front door that we had replaced with a steel door. Believe it or not the old door worked out great, except that part of the design consisted of ridges along the length of it, so he had difficulty working on certain projects – the nuts ‘n bolts ‘n thing-a-ma-jigs kept falling into those ridges! You have to remember my wee hubby is Scottish and his frugality creeps in now and again – thus the reason for recycling the old door!! At least now he’s realized a good work bench is worth the extra Farthing or two and has built himself a good one!!

Along with his spiffy new work bench, he’s got his “Norm Abram” (have you SEEN this man’s workshop!!!!!!!!) clamp rack all set up, his saw horses all folded and lined up, his “ZipLoc Rack” (I’ll explain that one further on!!) all organized and his pegboard is fully loaded with all those little hangy-up doodads that every good woodworker needs – the levels, the squares, the mini-clamps, etc.  The cabinets he made for his old workshop have also been refilled with gardening supplies, cans of this, cans of that and whatever else he’s going to need down the road. He’s a half-happy camper!!

His one disappointment (he’s actually got two or three like every “Average Joe”, but that list doesn’t relate to this particular topic) – is that he would love to expand his workshop around another wall of the garage.  It’s another one of those cases where we’ve now got a double-car garage and suddenly we’ve got more stuff to store in it, besides the car!! We had to buy a wheel barrow to manage a larger yard, we’re going to have to get a self-propelled lawn mower (the one we’ve got now is like pushing an 18-wheeler down the road with your bare hands), we’ve got two of the seats from the van removed so we can tote large crap back and forth and the seats are so bloody heavy we couldn’t even imagine trying to get them stored in the basement, along with two bikes that are finally getting some good use. So the question remains – where does he put this “extra” stuff in order to expand his workshop and where does the money come from? I’ve said it before, that this house is sucking up money like a vacuum cleaner!!

So, sadly, the wee wifey (meaning me!!) has informed him that the money just isn’t there, at least not right now! If he finds that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (yes, I know, that’s an Irish thing), then he can have the biggest Tool Heaven he wants! Hell, he could even try to imitate Norm Abram’s workshop – what average woodworker wouldn’t give his right arm to have that kind of set-up!!! Of course, if they gave their right arm, then the whole workshop thing would be kind of futile – no??? This is certainly one man that deserves to get what he wants in life. He’s been here for me in so many ways, he never complains or wants for anything, he’s never been a slouch, he’s tried to do the right thing, plus he’s just plain gorgeous and I’m a sucker for good lookin’ men!!!

So we’re going to try our damndest to work towards our goals with this house, along with getting my wonderful husband the best workshop ever. I admit the list is getting mighty long – the bathroom needs gutting, the kitchen needs updating, the rugs need replacing, the trim needs to be redone, the yard needs to be regraded, the ditch needs to be cleared – need I go on?? But like the house we left behind, this one, too, will eventually be our “Heaven here on Earth”.

As for that “Ziploc Rack” – this was a little project Nat found in one of his workshop magazines. Pretty neat and clever, if you think about it. It’s a wooden frame consisting of any number of cubby holes just big enough to fit those “Ziploc” soup containers with the blue lids that have a bit of an edge or lip. The edge or lip of the lid slides inside of each cubby hole and the whole container hangs from that. This way you’ve got a collection of containers that hold every one of those various-sized nails, nuts ‘n bolts, screws, picture hanging doodads, pocket hole plugs, biscuits, thing-a-ma-jigs and whatever else you can think of – and you stick a label on the end of the container and you’re good to go, baby!!! You’re so bloody organized your wife would be proud!!!! Except NOW, Ziploc don’t make those particular sized soup containers, so it’s difficult to expand on this organizer unless you refit it for another sized container! Figures, eh???

Let’s go get ’em boys – do the Mike Holmes’ thing – “Make It Right” !!!!! Yeah, Baby!!!


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