Try And Top That, Will Ya!!!!!!

Took the time out to sit down and watch the Opening Ceremonies for the 2008 Olympics. Our first mistake!! We couldn’t take our eyes off of the television screen. It was awe-inspiring, drop your jaw to the floor stunning and just plain gorgeous!!! As one newsman blogged “it was a delight for the senses“. Only the Republic of China could pull that off!! I admire their discipline, their determination, their imagination and their artistic flair and design. Man, what a show!!!!!! And the piece de resistance being Li Ning running the circumference of the Bird’s Nest suspended in the air and holding the Olympic Torch, as he unfurled the scroll that revealed pictures of other Torch bearers!! Fascinating to watch while at the same time wondering how the hell he was doing so well – as that couldn’t have been an easy feat!!!! The Olympic Torch burning high above the stadium was also an awe-inspiring sight. This thing looked to be big enough to supply gas to a gazillion homes!!!

It was a crying shame that President Bush had to make the remarks he did one day previous to the Opening Ceremonies. Why, for God’s sake, do these guys and the press keep bringing politics into this whole Olympic thing???? I suppose he’s looking for that last hurrah before he leaves office. The trouble is, his last hurrahs have been digging him further into a hole that he’s not going get out of anytime too soon if he keeps this up!! Of course, I can’t say too much about the American President, as our lonely leader didn’t even go to the Ceremonies!!!! Put your egos aside boys, this whole thing isn’t about you!!!!

Needless to say, the rest of the day was a bust!!


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