The Hawk and The Dove

I’m not trying to be political with this title – it’s just my way of putting a spin on what’s happened around here the past two days. If you read on, the title is quite clever, if I do say so myself!!!

The Hawk – Late yesterday afternoon Nat is enjoying the summer sunshine on the back patio. I’m just inside getting things set up for supper – steaks on the barbie, yummmm – when suddenly he comes bounding in the patio door and hollers at me “you should’ve seen what I just saw!!”  Without further ado he explains how (what we believe to be) a Hawk had just swooped down from out of nowhere and grabbed one of the little birds from our backyard. From what Nat could remember, as it happened so fast, the Hawk came swooping down through the trees, wings stretched as far back as possible and his talons outstretched and ready for the kill. He grabbed one of the birds at the bottom of the garden (we think a cardinal) and flew away as fast as he flew in. As the hawk was grapling with his struggling catch, every other bird in and around the garden and the bird feeder flew away as fast as their little wings could carry them. Suddenly the silence was deadening!! We had no visitors to the bird feeder the rest of the afternoon and even today the birds have been scarce.

The Dove – While Nat has been golfing, as you can tell I’ve been on the computer working with the design of this Blog and trying new things out. All the while the peace and quiet in the neighbourhood has been extraordinarily nice – no construction activity at the new home sites and light traffic. Except for the lack of bird sightings in the back yard I’ve enjoyed the peace. Not to put another spin on it, but I’m going to!!! You might just say ‘It’s a lovely day in the neighbourhood”


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