Just Whistle While You Work – Yeah, Right!!!

We cleaned and we cleaned and we cleaned. We cleaned so hard we were getting squeaky. Nat tackled the outside of the house with a power washer and scrub brushed everything that was white, while I tackled the inside with a duster, mop and sponge. Nat had a hell of a time getting the grime off of the siding, but by the time he was done the house looked a thousand times better. Meanwhile I was rub-a-dub scrubbing inside – washing down some walls, scrubbed a few floors and dropped a couple of loads in the laundry. The way we were going you’d think we just moved in or somethin’. By the time we were done we were ‘done in’ – literally and physically – and trust me we couldn’t have whistled a note even if we tried!!! But we felt terrific as they were all jobs that dearly needed doing, and now the weekend was going to be ours to do with what we wanted. We just have to decide what to do!!

After our supper Nat went for a long bike ride, but he didn’t get far!! He made it to the end of our neighbours’ drive where he had a nice long visit and met John’s wife for the first time. She’s the one that keeps waving to Nat whenever he’s outside but he’s really not toooo sure who she is, but he waves back anyways!! Well, he would, wouldn’t he? She’s pretty and just happens to be married to a fellow Scotsman!! So they had a nice chat and sounds like we have a lot in common – second marriages for both, Scottish husband, Canadian wife, love to golf, love returning home, love the small village feel, and so on and so on. This just reaffirms that we’re surrounded by really nice folks. We’ve also learned that our police officer neighbour across the other side of the street just happens to be the son of the Police Chief – so we really can’t go wrong – or should I say “do wrong”!!! We’ll just keep in his good graces!

I’m thinking now that we have the weekend free, we’ll have to check out Old Fort Erie. Not that looking at old Forts is my idea of having fun – remembering when our father use to take us to such places when we were kids and, being a girl, well need I say more! I just hated it!!!!! As you soon discover growing old, somehow you begin repeating exactly what your mother and father did and it begins to scare you a bit. At the same time, however, these activities become comforting but you never admit it out loud, you just say “sounds good” when your wee hubby suggests “let’s go for a drive“.

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