Look Dear, We’ve Got Company

We’ve had company in more ways than one!! As the past few days have been so hot, so boring and we’ve both been kind of brain dead – it was a real treat to have Claudia stop by. My big excitement for the day was going to the hardware store for more large garbage bags for the debris that Nat was clearing away after the tree cutter had finished. She was in the area on business and dropped in at the perfect time. So we had a chance to get caught up on her family goings on and what everyone else was up to. She has a way of perking up our day and making us feel like we’re not exactly deserted living way down south in the wilds of Ridgeway.

Our lives have been so exciting the past couple of days – we’ve been bug hunting!!! Yes, I said bug hunting. The little buggers (pardon the pun) have been plentiful and we’re not too sure where they’re coming from. All of a sudden a little teensy, weensy-like worm will appear in the highest corners of the kitchen ceiling. Nat has to use the kitchen stool and ALL of the extensions on the vacuum tools to get to the damn things. Once in awhile one will appear a little further down, but we still have to use all of those extensions on the vacuum to suck the little grimy things up. It’s starting to get annoying and, yes we chose to move here having fallen in love with the area, but who knew the bugs would be this bad. We’ve already had to spray for ants several times around the perimeter of the house and the interior perimeter of the basement – again not knowing for sure exactly where they’re getting in, even though we’ve got our suspicions and can’t get to the damn place without some pretty extensive digging. Living with a creek in your backyard, along with a small forest beside you, I suppose things can get a little buggy!!

We’re also having an awful time trying to keep those big old black birds from the bird feeder. They’re coming in hoards now – just like in the movie The Birds. One movie that gave me the heeby jeebies and I’ve never been able to watch a second time!! We bought a “small bird” feeder, but even they’ve been too small for the little guys to get to and had to put it away.

So between the squirrels (two so far), the big black birds (too many to count), the chipmunks (of which there are now 4), the rabbits (of which there are now 3), the spiders, the mosquitos (down by the creek), the yellow finch, the cardinals, the bluejays, the red-winged blackbirds and the ants, I guess you could say we’ve got plenty of company and will never be lonely!!

This is also the first day that Nat’s returned home mid-afternoon from his regular golf game, having been rained out. Naturally by the time the boys had packed up their cars and put their gear away, the sun came out. They gave it up, however, took a rain check and came home – the fairways and greens were just too soaked to try to continue.  Se la vie!!!


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