And they were gone in a flash!!! Ten years of growth and ten minutes to take ’em down. The two pine trees in the front of the house and the two pine trees at the side house are now history. We were wanting to get them chopped down quite sometime ago, but our local tree cutter has had a busy summer and has only just today arrived. The two trees in front especially had to go, we knew the root systems were going to reak havoc on the septic tank, weeping tiles and sewer pipes, if they weren’t already. The both were just too, too close to the house – so better safe than sorry. The two at the side of the house were removed as we’ve got other gardening plans for that little spot next Spring.

Richard, from the Small Town Tree Service had to pick the hottest day of the year to show up, plus his one helper wasn’t feeling too good today, so Nat’s received a quick lesson on chopping trees and chipping up debris. I’ve given them bottles of water and told them to take breaks as often as they want, but knowing the two of them they’re saying together “Let’s just get ‘er done and get outta here!!”.

The front of the house is now looking a little bare, but we’ll fix that up next Spring when we replace the front walkway and then perhaps we’ll plant a much smaller miniature tree further away from the foundation. I’m sure Nat is now ever so glad this chore is done and we can now concentrate on getting the rest of the lawn cleaned and spruced up, along with repairing the bald spots left by the hewed trees.

What we’ll do tomorrow for excitement is beyond me. I’m hoping I can convince Nat to take a break from organizing the garage and we’ll take a drive somewhere.  Hmmm, maybe out to the Avondale for ice cream cones!!!!  Shouldn’t take much – Nat loves ice cream as much as I love sweets!!!!

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