Hot Turkey On A Hot Day – Why Not!

Being a colossal waste of gas, we decided to forego the trip into the big City today. Never really needed anything important so why bother. We then decided to continue on with our household tasks while the morning hours were still relatively cool.

I purchased some (what I thought were) clay pots for my Mother’s Day plants and they started to grow mold on the outside of them – so naturally I was anxious to get the plants repotted. Have no idea what that was all about – really grossed me out!! Nat and I assumed the pots were not really clay, but some sort of mixture of clay and another substance. Lesson learned – don’t buy cheap pots from Wal-Mart. Nat also wanted to mow the lawn, trim the outlying areas and put some weed killer in the front ditch. So like two busy little bees – away we went.

I set everything up on the back porch, covered the table, organized the soil and pots, donned the old garden gloves – I was NOT going to touch that gross old mold no matter what – and managed to get the plants repotted, cleaned up and looking fresh again. The begonia is coming along nicely, thank-you very much. Remember, I’m the one with the brown thumb!!

Nat at the same time was going about his ditch duty, mowing the lawn and trying forever and a day to get that damn new gas edger to start. The thing is hardly six months old and he has a devil of a time trying to get it started. The sweat was pouring down his face, his knee was sore from leaning on the concrete floor and he had to stop every now and then to take a break and wipe his face. Finally, between me holding the handle, him gripping the starter and holding the ignition (?) the darn thing got going! Away he went and finished off his morning tasks.

After lunch we were at it again. He in the garage assembling the last of the cabinets for his workshop and me in the kitchen putting on a turkey breast for supper. Now and again we buy a 2 pounder and stick it in the oven for Sunday supper, and we can also enjoy leftovers the next day. This time around we decided to break with routine and cook one on a Monday – whoopee! Knowing that the day was only going to get hotter as time went on, I thought it best to cook the turkey early and then the oven would have time to cool off before we actually sat down to eat. Besides, the turkey would sit and rest and get all juicy and yummy.

While the turkey was cooking I then rearranged the office just a bit. Took the book shelf, emptied it off and turned it around. Makes for more room in that corner and I had a chance to re-organize the shelves just a bit. All along I was smelling that turkey cooking and it was driving me crazy – but boy oh boy it’s gonna be a good ‘un!!! So I’m off to start the mashed potatos, Nat will fix his fabulous gravy and we’ll put some peas in the pot. This is going to be our little reward for a productive day!!


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