Half-Way To Tool Heaven

The garage is now starting to take shape. Well, at least one wall of it is!!! Nat now has his work bench made, his pegboard up and loaded with tools, his table saw, sander, saw horses, compressor, etc. have now got a home and he’s had the chance to play with the new tool he bought at the Wood Show last year. He’s quite pleased with the way things are going – and I’m ever so happy about that, as it’s been a long road for him and it’s about time he was reaping the rewards of his labour. Now if we can just find space for the new wheel barrow and garden items we’ve had to buy for this new ‘old’ home, we’d be happy. It’s the old adage – we’ve bought a home with a double garage (twice the space), but suddenly we’ve got triple the goodies to store!!!!

I’m going to help assemble the next Canadian Tire cabinet he’s purchased and then maybe we can get even more doodads cleared off of the garage floor. He’s anxious to get the Van parked back in the garage – the leaves from that big old tree in our back yard, along with flying ‘goo’ are now starting to make marks on it. As good old Martha Stewart would say “that’s not a good thing”.

Floris and Cecil dropped by on Saturday afternoon. Always nice to see them and get caught up on any news. “Hey Floris, Hey Cecil”!!!

Today turned out to be one of those days where I couldn’t get my ‘you know what’ in gear. The house is clean, the laundry done, no projects in the works (despite the fact there’s a couple on the back burner), and I ended up squandering away time in the office on just about nothin’. So Nat, knowing me like he does, suggests we go into St. Catharines on Monday and maybe do the ‘Big Box Store’ to take a break from our daily grind. Now and again that man ‘o mine has good idea at the right time!!!

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