Take a Break, Babe!!

Nat and I were doing our thing on Tuesday – he in the garage continuing to set up his workshop and me in the office working on my next project – when Claudia dropped by. Her timing was perfect. It was way, way too hot for Nat to continue on and I was so hoping he would take a break. He gets stubborn sometimes and gets to a point where he just wants to get things done!! I’m the same way, but now and again you have to take a step back! I could hear voices coming from the garage, but as Nat is always talking to some of the neighbours as they pass by, I never thought twice about it. Next thing he’s opening the door and voila in walks Claudia. Ironic, too, as I was just thinking about her, Darby and Tyler and how they were getting on. I was in the planning stages of sending her a short email, but she did us one better and dropped by! The personal touch is always so much better.

After supper we headed into Niagara Falls for Lucas’ baseball game. When they played Port Colborne last time our guys beat their pants off – but this time around the tide was turned! Port Colborne whipped our guys’ butts!!! The opposing team really played well – they could do no wrong – and so deserved to win. A good game and a good turnout.

Today (Wednesday) Nat was a bit worried before he headed off to his golf game. As it was raining pretty good in our neck of the woods this morning he naturally assumed Niagara Falls was getting the same thing. When he got home it turned out not to be true and ended up having a pretty good game. In the meantime I was in my usual spot taking care of tedious little tasks that needed cleaning up. I’m now officially getting bored with the whole thing, so I’ll have to turn my attention elsewhere for awhile. I suppose it’s my turn to take a step back.


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