Neon Lights ‘n Sleazy Motels

On Saturday Nat purchased a new bedside clock. He’s been looking for one without a radio, which we never use and which is difficult to find. When he finally found one he grabbed it and was glad the hunt was over. During my house-cleaning spree I took the time to plug it in and set the time for him. I thought it looked pretty good, a little brighter than the clock-radio I had just unplugged, but then again the display was bigger. Come bed time, however, that display lit up the bedroom like a cheesy motel room with a huge neon sign hanging right outside the window. We layed there in bed in what can only be described as “laser-blue daylight”. I could swear Nat had a glow to him!!! It was so bad we ended up putting a double-folded face cloth over it!!! (I know, we could have unplugged the darn thing and put back the old clock-radio – but I had taken that downstairs for any future garage sale and we couldn’t be bothered to go and get it!) Needless to say it was exchanged for a much dimmer version the very next day.

Back to our goings on today (Monday) – well I suppose it’s not worth mentioning.  So I won’t!!!

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