Sunday Morning Coming Down

After all of that hard work on my part to get things done so I could have a really nice Sunday morning in order to watch Sunday Morning, it was a great big let-down!!! The bloody show was a repeat!!!! Jeese Louise, where does CBS get off showing a repeat. Don’t they know how hard I worked for that one hour and a half?? Don’t they understand that’s my only quiet time that I truly enjoy watching television?? Don’t they get it – it’s the only intelligent show on television anymore??? I was so disappointed I thought I’d drop my toast on the floor!!!  (Trust me, I don’t usually eat in the morning, so having toast is a big deal for me!!!!) Only because Nat was out washing the van and clearing away some brush down along our little creek and I now literally had nothing else to do, I sat down and watched the repeat anyway.  At least David Crosby is always worth watching again.

In order to make it a totally relaxing day we then took a drive along the Niagara Parkway. Being sunny and hot we thought we should at least get out and do something rather than sitting around the house and getting lumpy and bumpy!! It was worth the drive, however, as we saw our first “rich man’s garage sale”. No word of a lie this garage sale (besides being in front of a very palatial home) was serving coffee, donuts and cold drinks to their customers!!! The owner drove up on his front lawn in his garden tractor pulling a trailer that had all of the goodies on it and you could sip and eat as you browsed up and down their lovely driveway. They were selling everything from a beautiful pale blue wing chair to a well-cared for coffee table, along with the usual household doodads that you somehow collect over the years and barely use! This sale, needless to say, had a high traffic volume – they were parked all along the service road that led to their home. The other garage sale, about a mile down the road, was also at a very beautiful home, but nary a customer in sight. We were thinking they should’ve dragged their tables down the road and joined in with the clever bugger in the big palatial palace with all the goodies!! It was funny to see and ever so tempting to get out of the car and take a gander. Too bloody hot – I couldn’t be bothered! Besides, Nat hates looking at another man’s “junk”. Too bad, “nice junk” from what I could see!!!

The drive was fun, the day’s been quiet and all’s right with the world. (Well, at least in our little corner).

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