Nuts ‘n Bolts ‘n Thing-a-ma-jigs!

In between cleaning on Friday I helped Nat assemble one of his new Canadian Tire storage cabinets for the garage.  He’s working towards “Tool Heaven” and this new cabinet is very similar to an Ikea unit so, we naturally had knobs, screws, nuts, bolts and nails scattered all over the cardboard box container along with a top, a bottom, a couple of sides and a couple of do-hinkies for inside support. Oh yes, and the little adjustable legs. With no part actually labeled and only given a number on the instruction sheet we somehow  managed to put the base together without too much difficulty. At first Nat thought there were pieces missing – that’s always been our luck with Ikea units – but after a second count every nut, bolt, nail, screw and knob were accounted for. We twisted and turned the instruction sheet to match the unit sitting on the floor and to get our bearings of which end was up –“No, this side is on the left”. “No, that’s the bottom.” “Okay, Okay, now this part goes to your right”.”Trust me, these are the bolts you want,! “No, No, don’t put the dowels in yet, now ya gotta get ’em out!!!”. Well, you get the picture!! I then left Nat to his own devices to get the drawer together and the doors put on and, in the end the cabinet came out looking pretty good. Now, we have a couple more units to assemble and by then we should be pretty good pros!! It’s nice that Nat is at least getting close to his “Tool Heaven” and he can get the garage set up for all those little projects we’ve got on a list somewhere!!!!

This morning (Saturday) was pretty much perfect. We hopped on our bikes and took a trip into Ridgeway – the Ridgeway Summer Festival is on and all the shops set up tents outside of their stores, the whole main street is blocked off, and everyone has a gay old time walking up and down, checking out the great food, gifts and bakeware all along the main street and down through the market square. The fire department got in the act with a food  table,  a movie production company had five or six species of Owls sitting on their front lawn,  along with various snakes on display that appealed to every young boy that passed by.  It’s a perfect weekend for it and we especially enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have to worry about parking our car – we just tied our bikes to a tree and away we went. If we’d known about the pancakes and sausages we would have wandered up early and had breakfast. Plus we were too early for lunch, even though the home cut fries smelled yummy!!!!

We then headed into Niagara Falls to do lunch and I had Nat wander around Niagara Square for a few minutes. I’m having shopping withdrawal (dear sister, Bonnie, is scurrying to find some shelter before she’s flung out onto the streets) so in order to get a partial fix I thought I could find something to tied me over – which I did – naturally!!!! So that should get me through the next several weeks!!


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