You Bloody Little #%*&^%#$*@*!!!!

Some *#*%>@*&^!!*&^%#%$@! ran amok of our mailbox in the middle of the night and I hope to hell his vehicle is a complete write-off and (if he’s a young person) he’ll have some explaining to do to his parents!!!!!!!!

Woke up this morning with plans for the day, but they were soon dashed – for me AND especially for Nat!!!  Nat discovered our mailbox had been broken.  The 4 x 4 inch post had been snapped in the middle and part of it was laying down in the ditch and the mailbox itself was smashed to smithereens and laying way down by the end of our driveway on the other corner of our house!!!  The little S.O.B. that hit it had to be flying ’cause he snapped that post so hard it was jagged and parts of it were missing. Plus we can see the tire tracks on the side of the road along the side of our ditch, starting from our neighbour’s house and ending at the corner of ours!! So we had to go down to the hardware store, get a new mailbox, get a new 4 x 4 inch post, get a new bracket to hold the new mailbox and so on and so on!!

Didn’t really want to start our day this way, but it had to be done.  Our morning was shot, Nat’s afternoon is shot (now trying to get the mailbox to fit in the bracket, and will have to get the post in the ground, and so on and so on), which puts Nat in a great mood!!!! I’ll kill the little bugger if I get my hands on him.

Yes, I’m assuming it’s a male. No female is usually that drunk to hit a mailbox that hard. Sorry, but most males are just plain stupid when they’re drinking. We’ve also heard from one of our other neighbours that this has been a common occurrence in the past. There are idiots that drive their cars along the road and purposely smash the mailboxes. Again, no female is going to purposely ruin a vehicle for the sake of a bloody mailbox!! Can you believe it!!!!!! What a waste of a vehicle, a mailbox, people’s time and labour, plus it’s just plain stupid, stupid, stupid!!!! Can ya tell I’m pissed???

As I’m writing this, Nat – who is not exactly a young man anymore – is now out on the front road trying very hard to remove the spike that got bent while trying to pound it into the ground. It’s hot, it’s humid, he’s tired and frustrated and I’m so pissed at whoever did this right now I could ring his bloody little red neck!!!!! Putting the new mailbox in place isn’t easy. We’ve got gravel, we’ve got cement (from the previous mailbox) and we’ve got clay soil that’s harder than rocks!!! The spike (which I can see from the office window) has now been removed, it’s solid steel and you should see the bend on that sucker!!! It looks like Nat had to dig around the spike in order to finally get it out of the ground. Now we’ve got a ruined spike, a big hole and no mailbox in place. Nat will have to try and go at it again tomorrow, which will make it another ruined day. Could things GET any better?????

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