Getting My Fix – Two Ways

Did you know (and I’m speaking to my sisters, here) that you can buy the buttercream icing that sits on the cakes that’s sold at the Foodland Store that is 20 minutes down the road from me and you???  Well you can!!! We were in there the other day to get my fix (a couple white cakes for the freezer – well, one for the freezer, one for now) and another customer was getting a container full for a cake SHE was baking. The Clerk said it’s done all the time!! So if you’re not very good at making buttercream (which is really not my forte) then why not!!! Buy a small tub and stick it in the freezer for whenever!!!  But then again, you’re at the store why not just buy the whole thing???  I suppose it’s an option.

Getting back to Saturday:  After getting my fix we headed over to the grocery store, Canadian Tire and then over to Wendy’s and Tim Horton’s for lunch. Again, we were making the most of our time in town. The rest of Saturday afternoon I managed to get the cleaning and laundry done.  I was determined to get it done a day early so that Sunday morning I could sit down with my toast and jam in hand and enjoy the show I so dearly love to watch – Sunday Morning. A true sign I’m mellowing!!

So this morning – Sunday morning – I took my pills, made my toast and jam and sat and watched Sunday Morning and what a treat it was!!!!

As for Nat – well he’s back in the garage.  He’s now in the organizing stages of “his stuff”.  I can tell by the look on his face that we need to get a big garden shed, and NOW.  He’s got too much stuff and doesn’t know where to put it. Despite the fact that we now have a double garage, he’s also acquired some new stuff – wheel barrow, bigger trimmer, items that can’t be stored in the laundry/furnace room we no longer have, and lots and lots of left over wood (from the previous “do-it-yourselfer” that lived here and God knows what he had planned for that!!!). So that kept him busy most of the day.  I wish I could wiggle my nose and make that garden shed magically appear!! Right now it’s just not in the financial budget, especially if we have to now consider getting a generator.  We’ve not lived here a year yet and already the well is starting to dry up!!  Oh well, one thing at a time!!

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